Should You Buy An Air Conditioner From A Brand New Business

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/14/2007 | Home Improvement

Many people who start their own business in the home improvement arena start as workers. In the air conditioning business it is common for someone to start out as an installer and work their way up from there.

These people are the brightest and usually the fastest. They can work unsupervised and are good with customers. After busting their butt for several years earning a good, but not great wage, they begin to think about how much money they are making for the owner.

This will often lead to them deciding to go out on their own and start their own company. Many times this does not work out for 2 reasons.

1. They do not have enough money to ride out the ups and downs of good times and bad times.

2. They are not good business people. They soon learn that the amount of money you earn on every job quickly goes to pay all of the overhead of running a successful business.

The ones who do make it beyond the first 5 years do so because they are able to control their overhead, price jobs at a level that earn a profit, and are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in business.

As a consumer this can work to your advantage if you know what you are doing when you shop before you buy. Does this mean ignore companies under 5 years of age.

Absolutely not. Everyone has to start somewhere. But it you are dealing with a new company ask for referrals of their most recent jobs. Find out if those people were happy with the overall job.

Check out their rating with the better business bureau. Do they have complaints that are unresolved. Your job as a consumer is to check out the company you are buying from and not to take everything at face value.

Be sure that your job is permitted and the company you choose to install it is licensed to work in the city or county where you live. Regardless of how new they are they are required by law to carry the proper licenses to do your work.

One other important thing you can do is to purchase an extended parts and labor warranty on the equipment you are buying. Most installing air conditioning contractors offer a one year labor warranty. This protects you in the event there are problems in the first year with your installation or equipment.

Many air conditioning units come with a 5 year parts warranty on everything including the compressor. Today these warranties can go as long as 10 years.

By having a parts and labor warranty you are covered by the manufacturer to have your unit repaired from an authorized service company. If the installing company you purchased from goes out of business you are covered.

By having this valuable warranty you can get repairs by another authorized servicer guaranteeing you are cool when you need it most. Your cost for that repair is zero because of the extended service plan you own. This is just like insurance allowing you to buy tomorrows service at today's rates.

This has been a few reasons why it is ok to buy your next air conditioning unit from the company you are most comfortable regardless of how old they are.