Cell Phone As Style Icon For Communication

By Roberto Sedycias Published 06/18/2007 | Science and Technology

Cell Phones, also known as Mobile Phones, have become a way of life. It is no exaggeration to state that in the modern times, it is almost impossible to lead a normal life without the help of cell phones. Believe it or not, several countries including the UK now have more mobile phones than people. If this sounds incredible to you, take a look at the following startling statistics:

- Around 80% of worlds population has mobile phone coverage as of 2006. This figure is expected to increase to 90% by the year 2010.

- In the United States, 50% of children own mobile phones.

- On a numerical basis, India is the biggest growth market adding about 6 million cell phones every month and it is expected to be 500 million by end of 2010.

The market for the cell phone is becoming over-crowded with scored of companies invading the market every quarter of the year. However, as per a recent survey, Nokia Corporation is the largest manufacture of mobile phones with a whopping market share of approximately 36% in the first quarter of 2007. Typically, the mobile phones are meant to play the same role as their stationary counterparts, i.e., landline telephones. However, the introductions of different high-end tools and ground-breaking technologies especially in the last decade have changed the concept of communication like never before.

With facilities such as SMS, Instant Messenger, Built-in MP3 player, Video recording, Internet, GPS and so on, the cell phone has become a key social tool. Ironic as it may sound, but now most cell phone users are keeping in touch with others using SMS and a brand-new culture of texting has developed in the process. Moreover, now cell phone users are increasingly customizing and accessorizing their cell phones by adding new features such as ring tones in order to boost their social status and reflect their personality.

Different cell phone manufacturers are well-known for offering some unique features in with their respective cell phones. Hence, often, it becomes difficult for the buyers to decide to settle for a particular brand when they go out shopping. The following are some useful tips on buying a cell phone that will not only reduce your inhibition to a substantial extent but also help you to shop smart. Here they go:

Accessories and Add-ons:

A wide-range of cell phone accessories and add-ons are now available at a lower cost. You can add these accessories, such as cell phone covers, screen protectors, bluetooth handsfree headsets, antennas, leather cases and etc, according to your needs. Quite a few well-know brands are offering these latest accessories for your cell-phones.

Price Guarantee:

While shopping for a cell phone online, ensure that the online store offers price guarantee. Otherwise, it will be a traumatic experience for you when you will find out that same item is available at a cheaper price in another store. Make sure the cell phone you are buying has some sort of price protection or guarantee.

Free Shipping:

When you purchase a cell phone online, see to it that the online store bears the cost of shipping. There is no point in buying a cell phone worth of 100 when you have to pay 30 towards shipping cost.

Quick Delivery:

Picture this: you checked that elegant and sleek designed cell phone, made the payment through credit card, and kept looking forward to its being delivered until you got frustrated and lost your priceless peace of mind. Who needs this sort of purchase anyways? It is indeed quite a harrowing experience to get your products delivered late. Supposing you have plans to pleasantly surprise a friend of yours by gifting her a cell phone on her birthday by having it delivered at her door-step. The last thing you want is your gift being delayed and reaching her late after her birthday. Allow a reasonable span of time for your being delivered at the desired destination.

Privacy Policy:

Usually, all e-commerce sites have their privacy policy stated on the homepage. However, it is up to read between the lines and ensure that you have fully understood privacy policy. All the personal information relating to customers should be protected and kept confidential at all cost.

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