Choosing A Retirement Home

By Nelson Stewart Published 06/25/2007 | Real Estate
Choosing the place where you will spend your much deserved retirement is one of the most important choices that will have to make in later life. After all you have spent a lifetime out there working 9 to 5, bringing up kids, putting them through college. Let's be serious, it's time to relax! Many people choose to retire to the sunnier areas of this country and that's a great choice. Areas like Arizona seem custom made for spending the latter years of life in sunny paradise with no shortage of things to do. However, sometimes people like a bit of diversity in their retirement and this begs the question "How can one be mobile and still have the same kind of security that comes with owning a home?"

Well, Palm Gardens in Arizona has answered this question by creating a unique living opportunity. Palm Gardens is a 55 mobile home and RV community that is far more than one might think. Lets start by looking at the mobility of this kind of living situation. The best way to define this would be with the phrase "luxury RV living." Where else can you find a spot where RV pads are carefully landscaped and available year-round? This is the kind of place where people park their RV's for months on pads that are available on daily, monthly or a yearly basis. This allows residents to come and go as they please. Feel like taking a road trip to Vegas? No problem! Just go!

Palm Gardens is also the site of a stunning mobile home park that has the kind of amenities one might expect from a private country club. 2 pools and clubhouses figure largely into the community atmosphere of this development. In addition the gated nature of the community offers a great peace of mind and unrivaled security. This community is located a short trip from beautiful Mesa, Arizona, a city that is alive and vibrant with culture to spare. In the latter years of life you deserve the best and the most relaxing lifestyle possible. Check out Palm Gardens, perhaps life is just getting underway!

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