Thinking About Renovation? Think Smart.

By Karen Hoeve Published 06/26/2007 | Real Estate
The idea of renovating your home to improve the price it will fetch on the real estate market is an appealing thought. The question that any home owners should be asking themselves is "what does my home NEED in order to fetch a higher price?" Many home owners will overlook obvious things that their home needs in favor of cosmetic fixes or upgrades that magazines and TV say will increase their asking price. The thing that they forget is that without the basics the home will not impress people on a base level. Sure it may have some impressive features but without the daily necessities, what is the point?

Before you set about adding un-necessary extras to a home take the time to make sure that the everyday things are taken care of. Now, these can be pretty simple things like working fixtures and faucets, updated appliances and clean floors. There is also the fact that the interior workings of the home should be checked and fixed if they are in need of it. There is little sense in a home with a brand new solarium and hot tub if the plumbing system is in disrepair and there is mold growing in and around the pipes.

So it stands to reason that any home owner should go over their home with a fine tooth comb and find those little everyday things that could use an upgrade or a fix before jumping into major renovations with both feet. you may find yourself making renovations only to have to go back at the end to repair something that should have been fixed before the building started. There is also the chance that the reno's that you make could cause undue stress and wear on the existing home systems that can be time consuming and expensive to fix.

Once the home is in tip-top condition and everything works as it should then its time to consider making those price generating improvements. The buyers will feel much better looking at a home with an updated electrical system, a current plumbing system and a new roof than a home with a few nifty extras and a host of possible problems.

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