Making Relocation Easier

By Rick LeForce Published 07/3/2007 | Real Estate
Relocating, especially long-distance relocation is a huge undertaking. With so many things to take care of in both locations it is easy to lose track of the little things and overlook some of the most important aspects that make a long-distance relocation easier. You may find it easier to break the move up into two separate parts. The old home and the new home. We will start by looking at what to do in your current residence.

The packing up of your things will be a time consuming event. If you are selling a home then hopefully you may have gotten some of your things already packed away during the time that your home was showing. Make a day of it and be sure that you label everything. All of us have moved at one time or another and found ourselves asking "where is this item?" Holding a garage or yard sale can also help to slim down the amount of things you will have to cart along with you. If that does not take care of the surplus items then there is likely a local charity that could use them. Also make sure to catalogue the items that are to be moved and their current condition. This can come in handy if items get damaged during the move. Make sure that you hire a moving company with a good reputation and history. Engaging the company with the lowest quote does not always work out for the best.

Another good idea is to have a drawing of the floor plan of the new home. This will give you a better idea of where things will go once you arrive at the new house. You should also remember to call ahead to the utility companies in your new area and have all of these ready to go for the day you move in. Conversely, make sure that your current utilities are all shut off at the right time so that you aren't paying for things that you did not use. When moving day arrives, don't forget to check every room once it has been cleaned out. You never know what may have been left behind in a closet or drawer.

When you arrive at the new home, the first thing to do is make sure the home is clean and ready for your things. Once they arrive, check everything to see if it is in the same condition as when it left your last home, and then start arranging things. All that is really left to do at this point is to settle into your new home and enjoy!

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