Only 3 Options to Fight Hair Loss and Balding

By Peter Gregory Published 07/5/2007 | Beauty

Hair transplants are costly and work a majority of the time, but not everyone needs one. Bosley Medical group is probably the most highly marketed hair transplant group in the country.  For men who are balding due to genetics, hair transplants have become a top choice due to little help in recovering from receding hairlines, thinning crowns, and male/women pattern baldness.  The truth about transplants cannot be obtained from infomercials, amazing pictures, magazine advertisements, and glossy brochures. Bosley Medical Group claims to offer exceptional results, but several consumers have reported to feel bamboozled by the results gained after their hair restoration clinical visits.  As a result, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office Consumer Protection Division alleged that Bosley Medical engaged in a widespread advertising campaign heavily based on false and misleading representations.

While Bosley transplants work well for some people, they can result in horror stories for others. Before going with a hair transplant, what you need to ask yourself is do you actually need a hair transplant. Have you truly exhausted every option before pursuing surgery and hair grafts?  Although, many people suffer from genetic hair loss, in which case surgery may be the only option, the majority of men and women start losing hair from a number of other non-hereditary factors. Temporary hair loss comes from such factors as poor diet, medications, natural hormones, pregnancy, financial stress, school stress, marital stress, improper hair care, chemical hair care products, and certain diseases.  Once you identify the underlying cause of your hair loss you can better access whether a hair transplant is the best option for you. So lets review your options.

Option # 1: Hair Transplant for Hair Loss

Available since the 1950s, surgical hair replacement are procedures in which surgeons remove tiny plugs (grafts) of your hair-bearing skin and transplant them into tiny holes made in your scalp. They take these plugs from the band of hair extending from above your ears around the back of your scalp. Typically, it takes three or fours sessions to cover a bald area and during each session your surgeon may transplant between 80 and 120 hair plugs, each about the diameter of a dime. You will need an anesthesia and sedation to minimize discomfort during surgery. After a couple of weeks after your operation, tiny scabs form around each hair graft and when the scabs fall off so will you hair, then within a 3 to 5 month later new hairs will generally start to appear.

Option # 2: All-Natural Hair Growth Products

This is the best option if you have non-genetic or temporary hair loss. The most common cause of hair loss is a result of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which slows hair growth by binding to the hair root. Since this can be combated by using natural herbs without side effects, it only makes sense to try all-natural solutions first. The best company on the market that produces a power packed DHT inhibiting shampoo and conditioner is Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co.  Their A Double Portion Super Gro System contains herbs and oils that combat DHT.  Several studies have shown that Beauty 4 Ashes® A Double Portion Super Gro System, which contains Saw Palmeto, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Sage, Capsicum, Amla Oil, all ingredients which are found natural on earth, can produce comparable results to that of Propecia and Rogain without any side effects. The products in Beauty 4 Ashes Super Gro System include a shampoo, conditioner, Ayurvedic scalp gel, B-Vitamin super hair gro mist, and more. All of the systems products contain either Saw Palmetto, Rosemary, Castor Oil or Sage and are packed with B vitamins, which lowers the levels of DHT in the body by blocking 5 alpha-reductase.  You can find more about their products online at wwwdiscoverb4acom

Option #3 Chemical Hair Growth Products Rogain, Propecia, Scalp Med, & Nioxin

The benefits of chemical hair growth products are decent, but are outweighed by their side effects which include everything from difficulty in achieving an erection to scalp burning, stinging, severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, change in heart rate or blood pressure, chest pain, swelling of hands or feet, and fatigue.

The bottom line concerning hair growth and hair transplant is to discover why you are suffering from hair loss. Visit your doctor or see a specialist. If your hair loss is due to heredity, your best option is surgery, so do your research before going with Bosley, just because you watched a TV commercial does not guarantee anything.  Find a hair transplant surgeon who has a proven track record and who can show you clients hair before and after the transplant. However, if heredity is not the cause, and you just want longer, fuller, and healthier hair, then go all-natural. Again, the best products are manufactured by Beauty 4 Ashes, which makes all of their products fresh to order for their clients. Their products are used by several hair stylists who specialize in hair re-growth and are with every hair growth mineral and herb known to man. They can be purchased online at wwwdiscoverb4acom.