How to Eliminate Pimples for Good

By Gaumita Raul Published 07/5/2007 | Self Improvement

For reasons no one knows, pores get blocked and/or our skin becomes inflamed. Sebum (oil), which normally drains to the skin surface, gets blocked and bacteria begins to grow.  As a result, whiteheads and blackheads appear, which are your white blood cells natural response to fighting off the bacteria. Dont hate your body for trying to help you fight acne, blemishes, pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. You can make your white blood cells work a lot less by doing a few things:

1.       Get your bodys system working in tip-top shape by taking a multivitamin. Unfortunately, some of us naturally lack the vitamins and minerals to ward off all bacteria growth and regulate our hormones perfectly. This increases our battle to fight acne and blemishes. A multivitamin, however, will give you the minerals you need to assist your body in working in the most efficient manner, allowing it to fend off bacteria, excess oil, and hormonal breakouts that trigger acne even better. One-a Day makes a great multivitamin. It can be found

2.       Cleanse your skin to get rid of acne, but not too death. Excessive washing of your skin can lead to dryness and irritation. But, you should cleanse your skin regularly with an exfoliating cleanser. This will make it easier for trapped sebum and bacteria to gently be removed from your pores and consequently, help your acne breakouts. Remember, free radicals, dead skin cells, and dirt do block pores that are trying to get cleared. Beauty 4 Ashes ® makes an exfoliating cleanser that fights acne and pimples rapidly by using all natural ingredients, such as sebum regulating essential oils, aloe vera, and citrus fruits. Citrus fruits have found to be particularly helpful in reducing acne and pimples, as they act as natural diuretics and have the ability to flush and purify the body. Beauty 4 Ashes® Naturally Clear acne scrub (wwwdiscoverb4acom) also contains white willow bark, the natural base for salicylic acid. Because it is an all-natural product, it simply saves you from the acid found in other acne products.

3.       Take fish oil. Fish oil (wwwgnccom) is a combination of essential fatty acids that flush the system of excess waste, toxins, bacteria, and allergens. Essential fatty acids are not made by the body, however, recent studies show that individuals who take essential fatty acids or eat diets rich in foods which contain them, have healthier, firmer, and clearer skin. This is especially evident in cultures where fish is a staple. They experience less acne breakouts, less pimples, and have overall clearer, healthier skin.

4.       Try to get as all-natural as possible. The big acne gurus will suggest that diet is not a factor in acne and it very well may not be. But, the chemical preservatives, parabens, sulfates, and phosphates in your food, drinks, and personal care products may be a cause of acne. Other, less civilized cultures, who do not eat as many refined or processed foods and who use natural personal care products, do not experience acne or pimples like Americans. Likewise, many individuals have shown allergic reactions to parabens and sulfates in their skin and hair care products, which may contribute to acne, especially non-traditional acne breakouts. Try to use all natural personal care products and eat unrefined, processed foods as much as possible. Stay away from refined foods such as white breads, sugars, and sweets. No, the food my not be facilitating your acne, but the preservatives, that are known irritants to the FDA, may be items your body naturally identifies as bacteria or toxins. When your body encounters them, acne forms because your body reacts by trying to expel them. Unfortunately, your pores and acne breakouts take the brunt of this. But keep in mind, no certain food is bad. Chocolate is actually an anti-oxidant, and benefits your skin.

5.       Drink water, water, water!!!! Enough said.

Acne is treatable and you do not have to feel like you have some awful disease. Be encouraged and stay faithful. There is power in positive thinking.