Lose the Free E-mail Address and Boost Your Marketing

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2007 | Marketing

There are a couple of things the novice or marketer newbie can do to vastly improve their Internet marketing results. When people decide to start an Internet home business, they are usually in less than favorable financial circumstances and look to cut their investment wherever they can. This leads them to seek out and use cheap or in most cases free services to help get them going in their new business.

The problem with this is it often ends up costing more money than what it saves you. The first places people will usually turn to are free e-mail accounts from the likes of Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and others. The problem with this is they have just lumped themselves in the same category of many spammers and other less then reputable online marketers that use these accounts like revolving doors to use and throw away when they get closed down.

The other main problem with this is one loses their golden opportunity to brand themselves and make themselves and their product stand out as something different. Also many people, when evaluating the validity of an offer and a marketer, start with the e-mail address. When it says Hotmail or one of the many other free services it says amateur and unprofessional. How can you expect others to take you seriously if you are not even willing to invest a lousy 10 a year into a domain name that says who you are?

The other reason your own domain name is a good idea is it now gives you the ability to make your own website with your company name on it and your unique address that makes you stand out and brands you and your company. This also goes a long way toward making you look legitimate, professional, and serious about your business. You now have one place you can send your potential clients to that will give them more information about whom they are about to do business with.

Many of these marketers receive misinformation that you can start an Internet business for nothing, little or free and make incredible riches for doing basically nothing. This is not true it and is often an out and out lie. The Internet is no different then building a business in the physical world, it will take time, hard work, and dedication and yes capital investment.

While it is true, you can spend substantially less money in creating a Internet business, do not cheap out on the things that are going to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you do not give yourself the very most basic tools, to start with you are going to end up making your new business a much harder time to get started then it has to be.

So lose the free e-mail and start branding yourself with a great domain name and you will already be ahead of about 95% of newbie and novice marketers out there. Put your new domain name on everything you can from your car to your business card this will help drive some free traffic to you.