Guard your reputation Ladies

By Dal Medina Published 07/10/2007 | Women

Guard your reputation Ladies

There comes a point in everyones life, when we stop to question our actions and our past, and in that retrospect, or rather, introspection, we decide we have to change. One such prevailing issue is that of our reputation, the value others assign it and the harsh judgment we give ourselves. The sad thing about this is that a womans reputation is so fragile, blemished at times by those she trusts so much. Once a girl is labeled as bitch-whore-slut etc., that is the end of her clean image. After that, she becomes a target for lurking sex-thirsty pathetic men. The even approach her with the sole purpose of making her a booty call, and well, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

My earnest supplication to you women is to guard your reputation as well as you take care of yourselves, your kids and all you love. It does not matter what your present circumstances are, single mother, divorced, single party girl, just cool it a little. We can enjoy ourselves with a safe lifestyle and of course, we can have sex discretely or better yet, within the wonderful provision of marriage. I am not trying to sound like a religious nut, simply suggesting that you guard your reputation well it is a wonderful way to show great respect for yourself.

When you think about it, men want the three Fs (Find, [email protected]#&, Forget). They do this with most women they meet, if they are promiscuous, and the bad part is that these acquired trophies are soon tossed aside and they do use them to brag to their friends about how easy they were, and the womans reputation never recovers, no matter how hard she tries. Then when it comes to marriage, men want a clean woman who still lives at home with her parents and who does not even know what a penis looks like and who acts all saintly. Well, that does not describe one percent of the women I know, but that is what men look for in a wife. Not that you keep yourself and your reputation unblemished for men, you do it for yourself. Actually I just remembered this funny joke my best friend told me once, he said there was a girl who refused to give in to her boyfriend and he decided to marry her to have sex the way she wanted. So on their wedding night, he tells her that he admires how long she held on and that is why he decided to marry her. She replies: I know, that is how I lost 4 of them!

Now I know how difficult it is not to have sex since it is one of the best alternatives to drugs, right? Actually, you would be surprised how great having safe clean fun can be. Playing at the beach, reading great books, dedicating time to your beauty (pedicures, manicures, facials, waxes and so on). When you find someone worthwhile, discreet and someone who truly loves you, and it does happen, this person will be just as concerned of your reputation as you are, and sex will be far more meaningful and wonderful. Then even when you go dancing or go somewhere overnight, he will respect you and treat you royally and your reputation will be in safe hands.

Perhaps what I ought to do is give you pointers on how to keep your reputation safe. One of the biggest ones is not to meet people in secret, this creates an air for suspicion. Do not flirt with every man as they flirt with every skirt. If people approach you with indecent suggestions, put them in their place immediately. Do not go to dancing clubs by yourself, you are more susceptible to be someones prey. Learn to hold your liquor, it lets you reason better and men do not look as handsome when you are sober. Be sure to have friends who have your interests at heart and do not encourage of propagate wrong ideas of yourself.