Are You Dating The Wrong Guy?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/13/2007 | Dating

Dating is like a fairyland for many individuals who believe they will find the right partner after they start their first dating experience. On the other hand, for some, this is a make believe concept. For them, finding the right person is something that takes a lot of time. But what happens when you are at the door of a serious relationship, how would you know if you have chosen the right guy for you?

Ive Been Searching For You

Finding Mr. Right does not depend on the numbers of the blind dates you have gone for. No matter how many of the blind dates have failed miserably, you still have fair chances to find the person of your choice. Speed dating does not help anyone much in finding the perfect partner for life. Maybe you find the one on your very first date or it may take months to find the right one. Before you start your search process it is very important that you set your own idea about Mr. Right very clearly. When you become sure of what you want in your Mr. Perfect, your search becomes much easier. There are several authentic dating sites that can help you in your search for the soul mate. These sites maintain database of persons who are searching for their soul mates. They allow you to browse the innumerable profiles of their registered members and find the person of your choice. And you never know, you may find your Prince Charming at one of these websites.

Love is All

You may relish some fairy tale like concept that makes you think that one day a prince on horseback will come and take you far away to his kingdom. And as he is a prince, he must be really handsome. You carry on with the idea and fall for a smart and good-looking guy. The least you bother is whether he is the one made for you. Most of the times we forget that Beauty and the Beast is one of the most romantic tales ever been told. It is the love in the heart of a not so good-looking guy that makes him look really handsome in your eyes. You know, it is love and care that we all want at the core of our heart. Choosing a guy just because he is handsome and smart may not be wise decision. You have to understand if he respects you, your family and friends, your background and your professional life, whether he feels bad just because you are not happy with something, whether he is the one who makes you smile, whether he can sacrifice a weekend party with friends for a candle light dinner with you. Dont you think if a not so good looking guy can fill all these criteria; he is far better than a good-looking guy with almost no feeling for you?  Always search for true love because a serious relationship starts on the basis of love, dedication, commitment, mutual respect and understanding. Do not go for any theoretical idea like if he does this or does that he is the one and if he fails to do so he is not the one. Try to understand the beauty beneath skin. After all, you are the person who is going to live with the person forever and do not let others convince you in this regard.

He May Not Be The One For You

It is not always right to judge a person on the very first date as you and your date may become nervous. Out of sheer nervousness, people are compelled to do such things that they did not really mean at all. But if this lack of communication continues, you must give it a second thought, as there may be lack of chemistry between you two. At this point, you have to decide whether you call it a day or continue. But there are some certain points that compel you to end the relationship.

If he insults you in a very serious manner and finds faults in you continuously.

He does not care for your family and friends, your likings and disliking, you career and professional life.

You two are completely different in your beliefs, views and philosophies of life. Theres seldom an issue where both of you agree.

He is getting abusive day by day.

If He Comes Back He Is Yours

There are certain gestures of the person that compel you to give it a second thought to the relationship.

He apologizes sincerely for what he has done earlier.

He shows that he really cares for you.

He sincerely tries to change himself just for you.

You can give him a chance. But if you find him a complete mismatch for you just go for an adventurous route to start a new search for the one who is made only for you.