Inspirada: Materplanned Living In Las Vegas

By Mark Hostetler Published 07/19/2007 | Real Estate
In an age where home buyers are looking for "a little bit more" from their home purchases the concept of materplanned communities are becoming more and more popular almost on a daily basis. Masterplanned communities have taken the single family home and intricately woven it into a package that almost resembles the amenities that have become associated with top-notch condo projects. Never before has the single family home been more convenient and areas around the country are seeing more and more of these carefully designed and built communities being constructed. Las Vegas and the surrounding area seems to be the nexus of these developments and the newest project is one for the record books. Inspirada has arrived in Las Vegas

This development is quickly being completed in the Southern Las Vegas Valley and looks to be at the front of the field in terms of desirable extras for residents. Built around a town center known as Civita the Inspirada development radiates outward from the urban core that is populated by shops, restaurants, cafe's, entertainment venues and urban residences. Parks are a huge part of the development at Inspirada and the developers have come together to create a variety of community centers, pools, playgrounds and public areas that serve to enhance the style of life here. One of the most interesting aspects of this community is the unique "walkability" of the area. Designers wanted to create a community that eased our dependence on cars and make walking to the corner store a reality for all residents.

Speaking of the builders, Inspirada is a group effort of many of the country's most respected home construction companies. The developers, Focus Property Group have brought together a "who's who" of American home builders : KB Home, Toll Brothers, Woodside Homes, Kimball Hall Homes, Pardee Homes, Meritage Homes, and Beazer Homes. This project is truly a gathering of some of the finest home professionals in the nation and what they have produced can only be described as a work of architectural art and a revolution in community planning. Inspirada has take the concept of masterplanning and lifted it to a new level of excellence.

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