Home Shows: Mobile Homes

By Nelson Stewart Published 07/20/2007 | Real Estate
Home shows are the fuel of the real estate industry. No matter what kind of home you have there is the necessity of it's proper showing when up for sale. Different kinds of homes will automatically show differently. Smaller homes have to learn to maximize their available space in a way that larger homes do not. Mobile homes are a great example of this. In today's high-stakes market, mobile homes are a favorite option for young people buying their first home and retirees who are looking for something simple and easy to maintain. But the one thing that everyone wants in a home is space, enough space to fit their belongings and this feeling of space must be evident in the show.

Freeing up space is one thing that many home owners have difficulty with. There is a hesitancy to remove pieces of furniture and items that have been part of the home for years. In a mobile home there is typically a smaller amount of space than an average single family home so space is at a premium. Home staging theory says that if something is not used on a daily basis then it can probably be done without during the showing of the home. There should be a feeling of openness in the home and buyers should not be encumbered by large pieces of furniture and other items. After all, you are to be moving soon so why not get a head start on the packing? Get rid of everything that you can do without. If you already have a place to move to then that makes it easy, if not consider a small storage unit.

The same theory of organization applies to the exterior of a mobile home as well. Typically with mobile homes we are dealing with a smaller piece of land (pad) and as such it is vitally important that what is there is clean and orderly. Working with reduced space can be a bonus for those who are not as mobile or simply do not have the time to tend to a big yard. This is not to say that a special feeling cannot be created in a smaller space, merely that one has to carefully consider all the aspects of the area and make a plan on how to maximize the impact that the smaller space has. With some intelligent modification and some creativity you should be able to create a great presentation for your mobile home show.

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