Beware Diet Pills: This Article Could Save Your Life!

By Ron R Published 07/21/2007 | Nutrition

I tried a diet drug recently - and it nearly killed me! (My doctor says I was lucky I got to the hospital in time.) But this wasnt the first diet drug for me. I had tried all the others before that. (You can read more about diet pills, natural alternatives, and my long but finally successful transformation from Fat guy to Healthy guy, on my Blogger blog: Celopin Diet Pill. See the Author Box beneath this article.)

Note: I dont know if they can sue a guy, just for putting his story online to help warn others. But just in case, Ill play it safe: No brand names will be mentioned in this article. (And no, the pill that nearly killed me wasnt celopin.)

Anyways, every time they put me on a diet pill, Id suffer through a list various bad side effects. And after Id had enough (with barely any weight loss results by the way), most of them would be taken off market due to dangerous side effects (Note: discovered AFTER we all suffered!), or they were proven UN-effective in losing fat.

Besides, have you tried ordering diet pills recently. As I began my online investigation, I was shocked to see the hundreds of complains about diet pill ripoffs!

Heres a typical quote:

"On 12/03/06 I placed an online order with www.(name removed)... they said they had some wrong info in there system and were going to call my Doc for a fax number... Two day's later it said there was no information the day after that my account was charged and I checked online again and it said My Doctor had rejected it. I spoke with him and he said he has never heard or received anything from them! I sent them 3 more emails asking what was going on and asked for my money back no reply. Yesterday I checked again and it said they are sending me a non prescription alternative. I sent an email back telling them I do not want it I want my money back because they lied. Still no reply."

Heres one with a reply from a consumer advocate website (spelling errors left unchanged in the interest of accuracy):

"Ordered product from (name removed) pharmacy. They substitued a different product than I ordered. I requested to send product back. They stated that in their terms that they can substitue another product. I may return product but they charged 45.00 for processing and cancellation fees plus I have to pay return shipping."


"I had the same experience with (name removed) Pharmacy - ordering one thing and receiving something else. So I called them and requested a refund. Of course, their pat line was that the fine print told me that I could not get a refund once the product had been shipped."

And this beauty:

"My daughter, friend and I all ordered the "free" thin- tabs for the small shipping and handling fee. Before we knew it we had all been charged 149.99, this happened immediately, and we received a large bottle of the pills which NONE of us accepted and all 3 of us sent back " refused". We were all told we had agreed to a monthly club type thing and would be charged EVERY month.

...My daughter cancelled her credit card as the only way to get them to stop charging her monthly charges. My friends account was sent to Collections (in Bombay INDIA) and I have yet to see a credit on my Visa."

After I finally got fed up with diet drugs, I started working out at a gym. The muscle-bound oafs were all recommending various "supplements" (just another word for "drugs"), to all the beginners like me. So like a fellow oaf, I tried some of them. More wasted money and time.

The answer to REAL weight loss is NOT drugs. The odd drug may work for awhile, but its just a temporary solution and the bad side effects just aren't worth it. And the answer is definitely NOT "supplements" either.

Im just trying to do the right thing, and help people to not make the same mistakes I made. Dont get SUCKERED the way I did for so long. Consider yourself warned!

Now that Ive "done my duty" and warned you about the worst (drugs & supplements), I need to warn you about the other failures people often encounter on the road to successful weight loss. To find out what IS the right answer to successful weight loss, read the next article in this series of articles posted at my blog (see the Author Box below). You need to read the next article: