Does size really matter?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/24/2007 | Dating

Size does really matter to those who wish to enjoy life full to the brim. Sexual pleasure can be multiplied if you possess larger organ. Men or women, both want to play with larger sexual organs rather than tiny parts. It is true that the male species always looks for big breasts while women urge for large penis. General conception about the size of sexual organs is that the larger the size the more the pleasure.

Just visualize an incident that had happened with me at my college canteenit was a summer afternoon. I was about to leave for my house. Incidentally, a heavy shower stopped me from going out of that place. Apart from the canteen caretaker and myself, there was none in that place. I was engrossed in preparing a case sheet. Meanwhile, a teenage girl, completely drenched, entered that room. As soon as I cast a glance on her, I could not restrict myself to see in other direction. Her thin and wet clothing was unable to hide her giant breasts and the lining of nipples made me mad to unearth more pleasure. I felt mind-blowing effect momentarily something was growing inside me and was getting larger more than it was expected. She came towards me for occupying a chair under the moving fan. Her intention was to dry her clothing while mine was to look what lay inside her shirt. I could not stand up due to my inexplicably large size.

The above experience is very common and it needs no explanation why men behave like this. It is the pleasure that they want to gain from big balls. Men like women with extraordinarily big breast and start visualizing to play with their boobssometimes kissing and sometimes sucking. The softness of breast also depends on its size. From the beginning of puberty, young girls observe some changes in their physical structure and one of them is swelling of breasts. Artificial breast enhancement can be possible, but it needs proper care and attention. Boys like to press their girl friends breast and it is one of the ways to enjoy sexual pleasure in life.

Boobs need to be sizable enough to attract the attention of male population; similarly long penis is really needed to give utmost pleasure to your girlfriend or wife at the time of sexual intercourse. What a girl expects from a boy is nothing more than an extended and tight intercourse and that can only be possible if you have large penis. Women want to get penetrated by entering large penis, because they get much pleasure from the larger penises rather than the considerably smaller sized ones. Male also enjoy a better feeling of penetration if they have large sex organ. Otherwise, you may have to face embarrassing situation at the time of climaxing or starting up. It is expected that your partner would rhythmically reciprocate every time you thrust, but if you dont have enough size, how would you be able to do that? You would have to start again and again and to enter frequently it would simply be a boring job for both of you.

With the introduction of artificial sexual organs, men or women can get sexual pleasure without the help of their partner. But it should be kept in mind that the organ is large enough to satisfy you, unless your purpose would be fruitless. When women go to buy artificial male organ, they first ask for large penis. By using that artificial limb, they not only masturbate but also can climax without their partner.

Once I came to know from one of my classmates that girls like to enter large penis because of feeling increased pressure on the surface of their vagina. This type of pleasure can be intensified if they enhance the amount of pressure. When girls penetrate for the first time, they get pain coupled with pleasure and this pleasure can be multiplied if they enter any elongated material (if they want to screw by themselves) repeatedly within their lower lips. Now, you will be able to realize the necessity of having large penisit is very much important to satisfy your girlfriend and your wife in the bed.

Size also matters for deriving more pleasure - if any couple wants to enjoy anal sex, both of them need to have over-sized organs. In such cases, size of penis and also posterior part of the receiver matter. If the receiver possess wide posterior end, she would be able to receive any kind of thrusting from her partner, while to achieve more fun and pleasure, the male partner need to possess large penis.

With the development of scientific equipments and techniques, men and women both can feel pleasure as per their wishes. Some medicinal plants also help to increase length and volume of specific organs by enhancing secretion of hormones. So, to get the maximum pleasure, be sure of having large organs, otherwise consult with a sexologist.

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