How do women achieve orgasms?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/24/2007 | Dating

Slowly you unfastened your dresses wishing to feel the soft fingering on the bud of your clitoris for reaching at the epitome of pleasurebut ALAS!!! Everything goes in vain; either your partner could not satisfy you in the way you dreamt of, or your rhythm seemed flat and drab to your counter part.

Getting orgasmic pleasure is truly womens first choice of love and they start desiring it as soon as they feel the warmth of adulthood. While men can reach their climax easily women are not just built that way - ironically most people do not want to conceive this fact until they encounter any such odd situation in their life. Sexual arousal does not only mean intercourse for an extended period of time but it also includes an array of activities that many people have failed to explore in their life. Leaving aside monotony of sexual life if we try unearthing how women get pleasure we would simply be astonished to find an array of techniques to spark off your orgasm.

We know that women reach the climax several times within a short span while men are incapable to show that behavior. Apart from a knowledgeable sex partner, plenty of deep caring, proper cuddling, word of appreciation at the time of sexual intercourse, language of sex and romantic surrounding are needed to avail smooth orgasm for long. Statistical data exhibits that nearly fifty percent of women population enjoy climaxing for the first time through masturbation while thirty percent through sexual intercourse and the rest twenty through petting. Only a few numbers of women experience orgasm while at sleep.

There are young girls who masturbate with multiple techniques, the most frequently used technique is inserting the index finger into their horizontal lips and keep on rubbing for long until something comes out. In the midst of romantic surrounding this act can be intensified. They keep on dreaming of some erotic action and try to get the feeling of sexual intercourse through masturbation. To enjoy peaceful orgasm, you need to have warm, cozy, relaxed surrounding and above all be alone while masturbating; trying to appreciate your own body would be a mind-blowing experience for every young girl. If you know which action would rouse you the most then only you can tell your partner about it. It may seem embarrassing at the beginning but it is utterly important to communicate your partner about your preference - otherwise you will be at the losers end. Tell frankly how to touch and where to touch and built up a vocabulary of sex so that your partner knows the exact way how to mould you and satisfy you. Otherwise the situation would be very much problematic for both of you. On the other hand you must educate your boyfriend which posture climaxes you most, which angle seems erotic to you and how many times of throbbing is required to arouse you full.

Apart from fingering, kissing, fondling with breast, cuddling for an extended period, anal sex and erotic sensual touching, you can get orgasm by using artificial technique also. Keeping womens pleasure in mind, vibrator machines have come in the market to replace monotony of sexual life. These vibrators are very similar to those of male sex organs and they vibrate according to the wishes of the user. As speed and motion of those vibrators can easily be controlled, there is a possibility of getting multiple orgasms from them. With age you are supposed to loosen your potency but that would not be a problem if you use vibrators. Many young girls believe in the fact that their orgasmic pleasure can be intensified if they use petroleum jelly or any other medicated ointment at the time of masturbation.

To meet ever-increasing demand of women sex, many online hubs have come up with newer techniques and devices. Sexual literature, lubrication, vibrator and several tips are available in such stores for getting optimum orgasmic pleasure. Girls preferred getting orgasm throughout the month but as they grow old they start losing capability of getting orgasm because of menopause. Those who are at the edge of menopause, they should enjoy orgasmic pleasure at the middle of their menstrual cycle. It can help them to extend their potency as also liberty of having pleasure. If you are still not getting there, you should come forward for talking valuable advice from a women doctor at the Family Planning Clinic. They would sort out where the problem lies and would suggest the remedies accordingly. Rest assured of getting noticeable benefit from them. In addition to Family Planning Clinic, there are other forms of sex therapy also which are available from both private and NHS. Private sex therapist ensures good results within the least possible time period. NHS policy includes treatment of sex problems through counseling or direct treatment in exchange of fees. Family Planning Clinics dealt with the problems in vaginismus, low libido, poor technique, difficulty in reaching orgasm and more. Staffs and doctors help to increase ability to orgasm by applying different methods.

Some women feel that they can reach the climax through intercourse and not by any manual stimulation. Pulling down clitoris or being rubbed by part of the mans torso is an ideal way for them to enjoy optimum pleasure through orgasm. So, whats stopping you from enjoying life? Do the needful for climaxing and apply the satisfying methods to satiate you at the fullest.  

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