How To Make Your First Date Unforgettable

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/24/2007 | Dating
The first date always remains special to any person. Its a long-cherished dream coming true. Obviously, everybody will love to make it truly memorable. So, if you dont want to mess up things and play your cards well, just go through our tips.

Setting up your first date at the right time and at the right place is a must to make it etched in your mind. Just call her and fix your date, say, on the next Friday afternoon. Dont show that you have enough time for her and ready to go out with her any day and anytime she wants. Instead, emphasize on your busy schedule and make her realize that you are squeezing out your precious time to meet her over a cup of coffee.

In case your date says that she has other plans for those particular hours, you can persuade her by saying If you come with me, your fun will get doubled-up. If she is still reluctant to enjoy your company, just give her a laugh showing that whether she agrees or not, your level of confidence remains intact.

Schedule your date during the early afternoon. Thus, you can get much more time to spend together, because you have the whole afternoon and evening on hand.

Choosing the right place and ambience is crucial. Dont go for the conventional movie-theatre or restaurant mode that can sometimes lead to utter boredom. Opt for something different and adventurous! Use a little imagination and select a place where romance and excitement go hand-in-hand. Suppose, you have gone to a neighborhood sightseeing location, then comes rain and you two take shelter in a dilapidated but sprawling castle where you share your first passionate kiss. Isnt that thrilling enough?

If any such locations arent coming in your mind right now, you can take help of your City Guide. Letting the girl select the place can be a better alternative.

Even indoor places can provide you the necessary adventure. Take the local shopping mall for instance. Here, you can sip coffee at the café, indulge yourselves in some window-shopping, enjoy the bowling game and gaze through books on love and sex at the adjacent bookshop. You also get enough space to walk around in the company of each other. Doing various activities in a single date can bring out most of the fun. Just sitting at the restaurant table and chatting for hours cant help much.

Never stick next to the girl all along the date. Just move away to some other parts of the shop and let her know that you are a self-assured and independent man who doesnt need the consent of his woman to make his moves. Getting attracted to your confident persona, she will surely come looking for you and that makes your first date a success.

Being in the company of your dream woman doesnt mean that you have to be extra courteous and extra nice to her. Never give her a feel that you are wearing a gentlemans mask for pleasing her. Just be yourself and show the minimum respect that a woman deserves.

Be in control of the whole dating situation. Dont keep on saying yes to all her requests. When she asks you to give her a call the day after, tell her to call you instead. Direct answers can make your date dull; instead hone your skills of playing with words. That will leave her guessing till the end.

Dont get afraid of her complaints. If she is not enjoying any activity of yours, be free to do it even more. In spite of her repeated complaining if you continue doing the things you love, then it can be a clear signal that you are the one who is in the drivers seat and she wont get what she wants just by being a nag. Once you make it evident that she is not indispensable in your life, she wont leave any stone unturned to get closer to you.

Keeping your cool and composure throughout the date can definitely make you a winner. Going off balance can be a major let down. Make the most of your weaponry of words, smiles, tone of voice and body language.

Still now, making the first move is a mans forte. So, dont get nervous. Muster enough courage to do the act. Women generally do not fall for those men who fail to assert themselves.

While enjoying your first date, give her a taste of something that she hasnt enjoyed before. Just bring her an ice-cream cone of unusual flavor. It will make her day and the date will create an everlasting impression in her mind. Whenever she tastes the ice cream in future, she will remember you.

You guys must not forget to use your attraction mechanism. Attraction has noting to do with being attractive. You may not be a Hollywood hunk, but it doesnt mean that no woman is going to feel strong attraction for you. Your individuality and way of communication will make them floored. So, instead of paying excessive attention to the physical aspect, learn the tricks of becoming a womans object of desire.

And before you part ways, dont fail to give her the goodnight kiss!

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