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By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/26/2007 | Marketing

Internet marketing has given a new dimension to the aggressive marketing strategies that many organizations follow to increase the sales of their products and services. Unlike conventional marketing strategies which involve certain costs for implementing them, internet marketing strategies can be planned and implemented without incurring much cost to the organization. This has not only made this new marketing option a preferred choice for small and medium sized organizations, it is also being adopted my larger organizations to cut down their marketing costs.

Internet marketing has several far reaching benefits that have made it popular among the new age marketers. Internet marketing involves application of technologies; this gives it much speed to bring the desired result in the form of generating leads. It allows organizations to reach their target consumers at the quickest possible time. To market a product or service through the internet what an organization requires is a website. Consumers browse through different websites to find their desired products, and while doing so they often visit over hundreds of such websites before zeroing on a single site. Therefore selling over the internet requires knowledge of various internet marketing techniques which must be incorporated right from the stage of website development to adopting the particular internet marketing strategy.

In the first place, the website design should be comprehensive in every respect to attain the desired result. Anyone visiting the website should find it informative and elaborate. A website may feature any particular product or a category of products. Therefore it is very important that a visitor should get complete idea of the product featured in the website as well as the advantages of buying the particular product. Accordingly, the website development should focus on putting the right content and giving the right functionality to the website. A major aspect of website development is making it search engine friendly, a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This involves striking a balance between the images and the texts of the website because search engines are primarily text-centric.

Consumers looking for a particular product or service log on to the internet and search for the desired product in search engines. They put the keyword and the search engine brings the websites related to the keyword on its pages. The searcher keeps looking into the websites until he reaches the particular website that can satisfy his requirements. Therefore every organization has the objective to feature its website in the search engines ahead of its competitors. Search engines rank the websites primarily on the basis of the keywords that are frequently selected by the consumers. While developing a website it must be ensured that the site conforms to the standard Search Engine Optimization principles and has all the keywords that are related to the product(s) featured in it. On the other hand the website design should be such that the traffic keeps multiplying, an essential aspect that makes a website successful in generating greater leads and increasing sales. In addition to increasing the page rank of the website in search engines, internet marketing also involves persuading the visitors to buy the product, turning visitors into buyers. A proper balance of all these techniques can help an organization reach larger customer base and generate greater revenues from internet marketing.

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