Do Office Relationships Work?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/26/2007 | Dating
Your best pal at the workplace:    

An office affair is very thing today as all of us spend most of the time of the day in our office. It is quiet natural that you start to grow a feeling of dependence and something more special than just friendship. And gradually, this ends up in a strong bond between you and co-worker. When you are into an affair with someone, you will sure be willing to spend most of the hours with your loved one. In case if your love interest and your project partner is the same person, there cannot be anything better than that. There is another great advantage. If you guys have developed your relationship on the basis of friendship, you can share any kind of professional tension and other stress with the person. If you are in the same department, it is much better. Then you can get professional help from that person and that can help to grow your career in the long run. There are many controversies regarding the office affairs. There are people who say office affair should be a strict no no. It can create a lot of hazards in your life, personal as well as professional hazards. Sometimes it can create a professional rivalry and as a result, ego-clash between the two people becomes evident. But one thing is for sure. There can hardly be any better option for the matured office-goers, in case loneliness haunts their lives to make a living hell out of them.

What The Experts Say:

According to the experts, most of the office relationships start between two persons who are married to other persons. One of the reasons of such relationships is the loneliness developed in the married life. If your spouse neglects you or cannot spend quality time with you due to work pressure and on the other hand, if your colleague showers you with loads of attention and care, an affair is more likely to grow. Another reason behind these office relationships is dissatisfaction in the sexual life with the spouse. It can lead anyone to go for a cozy and passionate affair with a co-worker. But this is not always true in case of all office relationships. There are many relationships that start between two eligible bachelors and ultimately end up in marriage.

Many are against office affairs between two married or one married and one unmarried people as it can ruin others marriage. And if this becomes transparent to the other colleagues, the persons can hardly carry on their jobs in the same office again and this becomes like a black spot in their career. They also say that this kind of the relationships affect the womans life worse than her male counterparts. But tell me something, when do you think of an affair even if you are married? Obviously, when you are fed up with your married life and you have nothing to expect from the conjugal life. So, is there any reason to carry forward a relationship, which has lost its color much before? There cannot be any basis of not encouraging the relationships that have the never before freshness and that give you lots of spaces to live and breath freely. And it is a misconception that extra marital affair in the office do not have any kind of commitment and dedication.

If The Person Is Special, He/She Is Worth The Risk:

There may be some risks involved with the office relationships.

In some offices, the policies are not in favor of a work affair. This is because it can be seen to cause trouble in your professional career.

If you are planning for an affair without the knowledge of the others, be prepared for the consequences that you will have to face after the management and the higher authority come to know about it, especially when they will realize that you have been hiding it deliberately.

Office relationships often create professional conflict between two co-workers. If there is an ego clash, it can hamper your relationship.

If you are having an affair with a sub ordinate, you may have to face problems, if the person gets fired and blames you for this.

In an office relationship, before you start seeing each other, the person is there as your co-worker. And for the reason, you know the person much better. You are aware of his/her habits, likings, disliking and it helps you to know the person well. Once you find some common things between you and your colleague, you start liking each other. The person becomes special for you. You start to find the knight in shining armor in the next cubicle. The person gradually becomes a part of your existence. And once the person turns to be indispensable in your life, he is worth the risk, as he surely deserves something special.

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