Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/26/2007 | Dating
The success of any relationship, long distance or otherwise, depends largely on the effort both partners are willing to put in for keeping their love alive. Love can happen to us anytime, anyplace. It is the external circumstances related to love that might change with time. However, if the sentiments felt for your partner is honest and intense, your love can live forever with the same intensity as that you felt when first falling in love. In an age when the number of relationship breakups are increasingly on the rise, speculations regarding the causes of these breakups are also various. Among some of the commonest of relationship myths, one is that long distance relationships are difficult to maintaina misconception right from its start. A long distance relationship has just as much chances of success as one where the two partners live in the same town. It all matters on the willingness both partners have for making their relationship work.

Just as in any other relationship, in a long distance relationship also there are certain basic love rules that are best followed by both partners. One of the primary features of a long distance relationship is that the two partners are not able to physically see each other. Maintaining constant, clear, honest communication plays a major role in keeping the relationship in its best condition. In the modern times, from landline telephones and traditional letters to emails, chats and mobiles - facilities for communication are diverse. Talking over the telephone plays as much significant role today as it used to be in the past. As emails and chats only allow virtual conversation and the telephone allows you to hear the voice as well, the feel of the beloveds presence is stronger than in other communication options. One of the frequent problems faced in telephonic communication is that one partner is busy or otherwise engaged while the other is willing to talk. In order to minimize this, often it is a good option to plan a telephone routine together in advance. Just as you would have dated your partner frequently if he or she was physically present before you, in a long distance relationship, it is a good idea to set up phone dates with your partner and give him or her your undivided attention during these dates. Unlike a face-to-face date (where one can see the person and observe every action, move and body language), in a telephonic conversation, all one gets to sense is the partners voice. Also, it is of utmost importance to speak in the correct tone and convey the right message across. So, along with what you say, how you say it plays an equally significant role. Your partner will definitely be able to sense your mood from the tone of your voice, so make sure you speak in the tone that best conveys your message.

Emails are some of the most familiar modes of communication today. However, while emails and e-greetings are great ways to send a romantic message across to your sweetheart, the fact remains that these exist only in virtual space. In order to send a more tangible romantic message to your sweetheart, love letters are as much significant today as they used to be in the past. Instead of sending your beloved just romantic forwards, it is better to send a handwritten passionate letter once in a while that your sweetheart can read anytime she wants and feel your presence better.

Sending small romantic gifts from time to time are also great ways to impress your partner in a long distance relationship. Instead of focusing on how expensive the gift should be, it is better to add a personal touch to whatever you decide to send. Undoubtedly, every time your partner sees your gift, he or she will be reminded of you and your love for her. For this reason, it is better to select gift items that you can both relate to in terms of each other. If you share common interest in movies or music, creating and sending a collection of your beloveds favorite numbers often becomes a good option. While spending time away from you, your partner would definitely love to hear your voice time and again. Making some voice recording and sending it as a gift is also a good option in a long distance relationship.

In order to make the most of the times you do get to spend in the company of each other, make sure to plan your holidays together in advance. The joy of meeting your beloved after long time periods is boundless, however, it is better to keep your reunion expectations realistic and not to get lost in fantasy altogether. In an age when from education to job requirements, people are constantly required to relocate to different places at different stages of life, long distance relationships are becoming increasingly common in countries all over the world. There is, however, no need to be prejudiced beforehand, as just like other forms of relationships, a long distance relationship also has as much chances of success as you want it to be!

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