How to Build a Successful Relationship

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/27/2007 | Relationships

Relationships are like trees; you are supposed to nurture them regularly. Otherwise, they may come to an abrupt end. Here, are some tips that will surely be of immense help in developing and maintaining your relations

A solid foundation is the basis of all successful relationships. Besides love, honesty, integrity and utmost devotion for your partner should be there in your mind.

Before you crave for a beautiful relationship, you ought to grow your self-esteem. You have to fall in love with yourself inspite of your shortcomings. Bring forth your candid and true self to your counterpart.

Being a strong, optimistic and confident individual will certainly make your relationships rock-steady.

You can take help of close friend or a counselor to evade the memories of a past relationship that might have made your life worse. If your partner has similar experiences, assure her that you are going to be beside her through every up- and-down of your future lives. Winning her trust is essential.

Get hooked with someone whom you really like and love from the bottom of your heart. Dont ever commit to anybody just for the sake of it. If you are apprehensive about your future together, then call it off at the very beginning.

Dont ever let the strongest of all emotions called love die in your relationship. Always try your level best to keep love alive share all your dreams with her and shower all your compliments on her. Keep on chirping affectionate, yet spicy words of love into the ears of your darling.

Encourage her to do what she likes the most. Respect her, her feelings and her work.

Try to take out some time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your loved one. For some precious moments together, children and work may take backseat. Spending quality time together on a regular basis ensures blissful love life for the coming days.

An effective both-way communication is a must to revitalize a relationship, which was, otherwise going haywire. A good and no-hold-barred communication keeps a relationship going. If you do not speak up and lay your heart bare, how can your partner know about your innermost fantasies and desires and what you really want out of your relationship? Let her invade your private world. Give a patient hearing to her views too.

Be frank enough and argue whenever it is required. Dont keep your anger, disappointments or frustrations pent up for long. Express them at the best possible opportunity. Couples are bound to have differences in their opinions; so, you need not to feel guilty for getting into quarrel. Occasional disagreements are indication of a healthy and complete relationship. They help in making your bond even stronger and bring you closer to each other.

Having sex at regular intervals adds the necessary zing to your sex-life. Unless the two of you get under the bed sheets, then whats the reason for dragging your relationship?

Experiment a lot while having sex; try out unique places for lovemaking and also explore new positions while making love.

Make her day with gentle strokes, sensuous touches and affectionate caresses. Always give signals that you are there for her to soothe, support, guard, cheer, unwind and stimulate her. Touches are vital for the overall well being of a human being. Even if you two are not into sexual acts, you should never debar yourselves from showing physical fondness.

With the passage of time, lots of changes are observed in most of us. Hence, we should learn to accept changes. The person of today may not be the same after five years of marriage, so minor adjustments become indispensable. If both of you adapt yourselves to some extent, the way for a successful relationship is paved.

Make your priorities clear to your partner. Dont keep anything vague.

Dont criticize her in public. Whatever complaint comes in your mind, tell her alone.

Set specific roles for each of you. Be aware of your duties and do your jobs effectively. There, however, might be certain occasions where you need to execute the works of each other; but these special situations are the real testing grounds of a true relationship.

A simple phone call for no reason or a passionate good-bye kiss sometimes can bring the joy back of an unexciting relationship. These minor actions remind us of what relationships are meant to be.

Be tolerant enough to accept all the trivial mistakes of your partner.

Bring out the positives out of your spouse.

Cut off liaison with all the people whom you think are trying to malign your beautiful relationship.

Be open to learn new lessons of relationship from others.

Your disputes should never create a distance between you two. Keep the door for apologizing open.

 Make friendship the essence of your love life. Its always great to discover the best friend in your spouse or to turn your closest pal to your other half.

Never back off from taking responsibilities.

Keep in mind the commitments you made before marrying her.

Laughter is the best medicine. Theres hardy anything better than having a partner who can keep you in splits. Maintain the humor quotient.      

Before concluding, we want to share some Pearls of Wisdom by Dalai Lama. He has rightly said, Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other

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