Study Suggest That Food is the Best Source of Calcium

By Rusty Ford Published 07/28/2007 | Health
If you keep up with health news you have heard about the benefits of calcium. Calcium is needed to keep you bones strong, it can help prevent osteoarthritis, it can aid in the treatment of arthritis, it benefits you heart and can help you loose weight just to name some. But what is the best way to get the calcium you need.

A new study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that calcium from food sources may be absorbed better in the your body than calcium from supplements. Women with health diets had higher bone density than those who took in larger amounts of total calcium from supplements. The researchers in the study ask 133 postmenopausal to keep a record of their diet for a week. After that they had their bone mineral density checked.

There were three groups identified in the study.

 Women who received at least 70% of their calcium from food sources.
 Women who received most of their calcium from supplements.
 Women who had a balance of calcium from food and from supplements.

Interesting was that the women who took in the least amount of total calcium (830 milligrams) but got their calcium from a healthy diet had stronger bone density than women who took in a lager total amount of calcium (1030 milligrams) but got their calcium mostly from supplements. The women who got their calcium both from a healthy diet and from supplements had the highest bone density but also took in the highest amount of calcium (1620 milligrams).

It can not be over emphasized how important a good diet is. It is simply better to get nutrition from food instead of supplements. That said there is nothing wrong with taking supplements. Just remember that they are to supplement a healthy diet. It is important to note that you need vitamin D for your body to be able to absorb calcium and that balance of calcium and magnesium is best for total absorption. So consider this when looking at supplements.

We all know that dairy products are high in calcium. Other foods that are high in calcium are fish; green leave vegetables, oranges, nuts and sesame seeds.  

Rusty Ford