Buyers Tips: Intelligent Home Buying

By Reed Brinton Published 07/31/2007 | Real Estate
As the U.S. real estate markets shift in favor of the buyer, it is becoming ever more necessary to know your game before purchasing a home. In years past the sellers really controlled the market and we saw rapid jumps in price, bidding wars and some buyers on their heels trying to find a home that was appropriate and affordable. As the market has become more favorable to buyers we are seeing the result of that turn, buyers who could once command almost any asking price are stumped as to why their home is not selling within a week or two. This has naturally caused sellers and many industry insiders to proclaim that the "bottom has fallen out of the real estate market!" This is not really the case as what we are seeing is more of an adjustment to reflect the current state of affairs.

One thing that is a direct result of this migration of the industry is the fact that buyers now have many more options available to them and as such, have to be a bit more intelligent and educated so they can spot the real deals when they come up. This should be a refreshing change to those who have been in the home market for some time and have yet to find that perfect home. Basically this has become the perfect time to buy a home. So how can you be ready to grab that ideal home when it comes up? Well, the first step in any home purchase is to make sure that your financial picture is in focus. find out your credit score, repair it if necessary and get pre-approved for a mortgage. Then you can work with your realtor and the amount of the mortgage approval to find the homes that suits all your needs both domestically and financially.

When you find an area that seems to suit you, try looking through all the information available on the homes there. Whether they are in your price range or not, knowing what they are offering for what price can help you to better gauge prices of homes that you can afford. Remember that homes are usually priced according to comparable homes for sale in the area so if you can evaluate the other homes that are for sale you should be better equipped to recognize the deals when they come.

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