Summer Vacation Destinations To Consider

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/31/2007 | Travel

Summer is here and it is time for that summer vacation. Many travelers don't venture too fare from their backyard, in fact the most popular states visited in the US are Florida, California and New York. Some travelers however do with to explore farther away for their summer vacations. Depending on if you are one of these travelers, and if you are looking for a romantic holiday, family getaway or just looking to beat the heat in a new local, here are some summer vacation destinations to consider:

Looking for somewhere really romantic? Prague is one of the world's most beautiful and historic cities. Indulge in castles and cobblestone streets. The weather is warm but not overbearing. Be warned however, many other Europeans travel to Prague in August and it can be very busy. Visit some of the neighboring towns and villages which also have a lot to offer to get away from the crowds. The prices are usually relatively cheap and there are still may historic sites to explore.

Many Parisians take their summer holidays in August and leave the city. This leaves the tourists with room to play! The popular areas are less crowded and some hotels offer great rates for this time of the year. The weather is comfortable and the wine always flows. In fact, if you want to experience Paris as a local, buy a bottle of wine, some bread and cheese and enjoy in a local park. Another must do, the Eiffel tower and the Louvre Museum are not to be missed.

Ontario, Canada
From exciting cities to nature at its best, Ontario has it all. Visitors flock to Toronto, Niagara Falls and Ottawa and everywhere in-between. There are water parks, amusement parks, museums, gourmet restaurants, campgrounds, theatres, golf courses, beaches, spas, hiking trails, white water get the picture. Go for a romantic vacation or a family holiday, you will not have a shortage of things to see and do.

The Caribbean
Cool prices and hot beaches, why not! Considered to be low season for this area, there are many deals to be had. The hotels are quiet, prices are great and the Caribbean is a good choice for a summer vacation if you like it hot. If you are concerned about hurricane season disrupting your plans, Aruba, Curacao and the Barbados are all located below the hurricane belt and as a result, are considered less likely to be affected.

Wherever your summer vacation takes you, do not forget to bring the sunscreen and your sense of adventure.