How To Get A One-Night Stand?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/1/2007 | Dating

Not yet ready to commit for a full-fledged relationship? Instead, looking for enjoying a night of wild, kinky sex? Then, one-night stands can be the ideal option for you

One-night stand is the process of getting into a sexual relationship just for one night. Here, the question of developing a long-term bond in future usually doesnt arise. One-night stands generally take place between strangers who just meet each other and rush for a nights sexual escapade. In most of the cases, people do not plan much about the tricks and engage in sexual activities with those persons who make them feel hot. Having several one-night stands with the same individual is also possible, but there is no place for romantic or emotional involvement. This can be hailed as casual relationship.

Now you must be wondering how you can become successful in getting a one-night stand! Here are some suggestions:

If you just browse through the Internet, you can come across several such websites where people searching for the right kind of partner to spend a night of adventure and fun together have posted their profiles including their pics! You can ask any of them out for a one-night stand through mail.

Try to be at the right place at the right time. Know your citys cruising zones where single people roam around for getting hooked up for one night. It might be risky at times, but lifes all about taking risks!

Dont forget to take a shower before stepping out for you hunt. Looking fresh and smelling good will certainly attract hordes of hot, young things towards you.

Try not to perspire much. It can mess up your whole adventure. Remember, you are out for having sexual fun. So, dont be nervous, look cool, keep your calm and always be yourself.

Make older and experienced women your prey because, they are more adventure-savvy than their younger and inexperienced counterparts. The words shyness and inhibitions are not there in their dictionary.

Complementing on her figure or her attire can make things easy for you. Make her aware of her sexual attractiveness.

Bring out the charmer within you and make the girl fall for you.

Its not necessary that you have to target the most beautiful one from a group of woman. You are looking for a one-night stand, not for someone you can take to your mother and marry eventually. So, try to arouse the less attractive ones. Keep in mind that these women too have the power of quenching your animalistic thirst.

Approach women who are alone. They are supposed to fall prey to your lust easily. But, try to understand her mood before you throw a sexually explicit pick up line at her. Read her gestures and postures minutely and then come to the conclusion whether she is the utterly frustrated lady in a bad temper or the woman looking to make your bed a passion-field.

Before diverting your topic of discussion into something outright sexual, carry on your conversations on something general, yet stimulating.

Hone your skill of picking up. Continuing drab conversations for long wont help to get your dream one-night stand.

Always be respectful towards her, make her feel sexy and worshipped at the same time.

If the body language of a woman suggests that she cant tolerate you, then its better to move on. Nobody is indispensable in this game. So, instead of focusing on a single woman, look around and go to the lady who is inviting you with her physical gesticulations.

Though sex plays a vital part in one-night stands, it is not the be all and end all of the encounter. Have a long walk together for chatting about each others deepest sexual fantasies before actually doing it.

Be armed with condoms and other necessary things. That will surely ease the tension of your partner and she will go to bed with you without much hesitation.

Never forget to keep your place dirt free and well organized before stepping out of home. If you bring your partner in a clumsy environment, then it can be a major turn-off and she may lose her appetite of having sex. Personal hygiene is always important, whether its a one-night stand or a lasting endeavor.

Keep yourself well equipped with some CDs of sexually titillating movies or raunchy music. These things can sometimes create wonder as sexual mood enhancers.

Act according her frame of mind and preferences. It will be a major let down if she withdraws at the very last moment.

Its your duty to satisfy your own as well as her burning sexual desire. So, ensure that both of you can enjoy some quality moments together.

Learn the tactics of some exciting foreplay. It surely paves the way for obtaining the sheer passion out of real sexual actions.

Be adventurous enough and explore some place altogether different from the cozy bed. You may opt for the rooftop or the lawn, in case your partner prefers open-air sex. Making love in the car is not a bad idea either.

So, how are you feeling now? Im sure you are going to make the next Saturday night sizzling than ever

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