How To Land A Great Guy

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/1/2007 | Dating

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and one fine morning you will certainly get your Mr. Right. Until and unless you find the one made for you, your search continues. It is true in case of every woman. And once she finds the one, she gives the man a signal. Mostly, the men are intelligent enough to detect and respond to the signals. It is really easy to attract a man. Only you have to be a bit sexually aggressive, have to wear skin tight and much revealing clothing. Trust me, loads of men will be running after you. As per logic of the fishermen, the kind of the fishes you want to catch depends on the baits you are using and your attitude will determine the kind of men you are trying to attract. Now the million-dollar question is that will you appreciate the idea of spending your whole life with a person who sees you as an object of lust, not as person with a beautiful and caring mind? You can go for a relationship based only on physicality or you can also go for a balanced relationship with equal portions of love and emotions and sexual attractions in it. There are certain tips and guidelines following which you can walk away with the trophy among the others.

Tips To Attract A Guy:

First impression is the last impression. When you are going to meet the person, be at your best. You may not get a second chance to impress him. A slight change in your looks and personality may compel him to not give you a second thought.

Dont show much interest in him initially. At the same time, dont ignore him in such a way so that he looses all interest in you.

Make yourself a reason to think about. It may be anything. A soft smell of fragrance to haunt his memories long after you meet him or your smile, a perfect balance of intelligence and innocence, or even the soft curves in your dress that he will die to touch.

Grow the confidence level in you. Remember, guys are mostly attracted to confident women. The more you are confident about you and your family and career, the more a guy of your same level is attracted towards you.

Appearance and the body language are also very important. It is not necessary that you have to be beautiful like an angel. But a smart appearance counts a lot. Your personality is the center of attraction for men.  Your body language can tell him many things about you and that can go both ways, against and for you.

Try to be yourself. Do not pretend, but make him feel that you are not like the others but you are someone special. Do not try to be what you are not. It is quite possible that he will not like it when he finds your real self and as a result, he may not continue with you. Have confidence in your personality and be original. You dont have to become someone else just for the sake of impressing him. Put yourself in the place of the person and ask yourself whether you will like to be with a false personality and identity for the life?

Make him special and make him feel the center of attraction, because every human being likes to get attention. Be a good listener and listen whatever he has to say with full concentration. Show respect in his ideologies and opinions. Try to praise him for his actions and laugh with him. But at the same time, give your viewpoint when necessary.

Create an enigma. Leave a room for him to imagine about. Do not reveal everything about you. Boys always get attracted towards mystery.

How To Seduce A Guy:

Seducing a guy is not that difficult as it sounds. Choosing a right place to meet the person is really important, as there are risks involved that other boys too may catch you. Keep your boy unsatisfied. Remember, if you give him all the pleasure he wants at one go, you will end up in loosing the guy forever.

You need a perfect ambience for seduction. Create a sensual atmosphere with soft music and candle light far from madding crowd.

Try to speak with your eyes. But that does not mean staring continuously to the guy. Look at him a captivating way that he cannot escape.

Apply a mild bit of sensual long lasting perfume. While applying perfumes, add a layering. Make sure you smell good not in certain places, but overall.

Flirt with him, but with some truthfulness. Do not cross the limits while flirting. Touch your man at his shoulders or his arms in pretext of laughing. But do not overdo anything. It may affect him negatively, as the guys do not want to be pushed.

Modulate your voice in a gentle but seductive manner. Whisper in his ears to give him compliments. He will be flattered and your job is done.

Finally the looks. Get a looks that can kill. Wear some skimpy outfits with high stiletto heels. Wear some make-ups. Highlight your best features. If you find yourself gorgeous after make up, be sure the guy is half dead.

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