Are you looking for the most unique and special wedding favors?

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/1/2007 | Marriage

As always, it is best that the couple will shop together for the "most perfect" ideas for the wedding favors that they will agree upon. However, if either one has to do it alone, then the help of a wedding planner will come in handy.

But fear not though if a wedding planner is not available, as there are a lot of resources both online and offline from which much insights can be gained toward the goal of finding that ultimate wedding favor and gift.

There are indeed many kinds of items that can be used as wedding favors, and ideas of how to make your guests feel special and welcome are also plentiful among the wedding planning guides and bridal magazines.

Asking around among your friends and family members is one of the many ways to explore - just find out what they think are the most meaningful wedding favors they have been presented with from the many weddings they have attended.

Wedding favors for your honored guests should be presented with your own taste and style because although they are small little gifts, yet they serve as a compliment to your guests of honor too. By the same token, providing some personalized wedding favors for your immediate family members and close friends will surely make them memorable.

When it comes to choosing reception wedding favors, it is important that the wedding favors are matched to the kinds of wedding being planned. Therefore, welcome your special guests with wedding favors that are engulfed with the true essence and the happiness of your special day.

Although it is quite a tall order to present to your guests the kinds of wedding favors that are truly special and unique, yet the meaningfulness they carry will last almost forever; therefore, it is absolutely worth your while to keep searching until you are happy with them.

Usually, among the most popular wedding favor choices are:

1. photo packs - as they hold the memory in place.
2. gift baskets full of cookies and chocolate - who doesn't like them anyway...
3. champagne flutes and chocolate together - same sweetness that is hard to resist and also adds more fun to the party.
4. vibrant and colorful flowers that are symbolic of vitality and ever-growing life force, such as roses...but one thing though - don't use dried flowers as they represent the withered part of happiness which is not too ideal for wedding.

No matter what is to be done, ensure to get everything prepared and ready early so that there will still be plenty of time to make up for anything that might arise unexpectedly.

With the most appropriately chosen wedding favors to be presented to all guests of honor, everyone will be in such "natural high" that the wedding will be the most memorable event ever!