How Do I Know If He Or She Is Cheating On Me?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/1/2007 | Dating
Love revolves around the pivot of trust. If trust disappears from any relationship, there remains nothing to count for. That is why keeping good faith is as important as making any new relationship. There are myriads of examples where a long-term relation has broken due to misunderstanding and disloyalty. As complexities are increasing, we always feel doubtful of our near and dear ones. Whether it is for a real cause or for anything else, we keep on thinking negatives and make our life miserable. Many people are of the opinion that their husband or wife is having an affair and start doubting lots of things. It should not be done unless you are sure of the fact.

To check whether your partner is cheating on you, you need to apply some ideas. At the beginning, you will have to get one of your friends, whom your husband or boyfriend does not know. Tell her to flirt with him over telephone or through chat. Observe how he reacts. If he is faithful to you he will not cooperate in flirtation and if he does otherwise, you can take him for granted as a cheater. You can also pretend to find a cheater in him look his phone, change some of the numbers, especially of girls make a flirty message and observe how he reacts. If he is cheating, you can easily track him and if not then change the number back without letting him know. It will definitely help you a lot.

There are some other ways to trace out whether he is cheating you. Observe whether he is less attentive to you or not. He might answer your questions back by hmm...or you could hardly get your answer from him. This is a kind of behavior that you never expected from him. If he has any relationship with other girls, he would not only pay you lees attention, but will also be less attentive to you physically. He would stop holding your hands, cuddling you and you would not find the old zing while having sex with him. He would suddenly change his grooming habits, would start saying bad words in a rude voice. An evident change would be there in him. Suddenly, you would find him changing his brands of aftershaves and also the style of drawers. You would find him attending too many private calls too.

If you want to know from the horses mouth about the intention of your partner, go and tell him straightforward. Whether a cheater or not, he would say no to your question. But, you should not cry in front of him. Start behaving in such a way that he understands his faults. Flitting with a number of girls is definitely a sign of cheating. Similarly, discussing things of a sexual nature with members of opposite sex or to gift various presents to different girlfriends at the same time apart from relatives can be cited examples of cheating. In addition to all these, if you find that your husband has sexual relationship with another girl besides you, he has cheated you. Online chatting with a number of opposite sex can lead him to cheat you. If your husband shares personal information and feelings with other people, it can be a matter of great concern.

Identifying is really a hard nut to crack in any relationship. You may tag your boyfriend as a cheater, but that may not be true also. Your assumption on your partner may be absolutely wrong. It may happen that you are accusing your husband for nothing at all and ultimately ruining the relationship that exists between you. This is why, if you are not doubly sure, it is better not to accuse your husband.

To become sure, you can take help of some mechanical tools also. You can put web-cams in certain places including in front of your computer. It will help you to catch his every action. You can also ask your servants to keep a close look at him in your absence. One of the easiest ways of catching him red handed is to compare his present urge for sex with his past one. Keep on asking to play more in the bed, if you notice sudden behavioral change in him, tell him directly. Your partner may be in the form of unusual aggressiveness. If your partner is cheating you, he or she would try hard to cover it up by accusing you or blaming you. He would find fault everything in you. On the other hand, he/she may feel guilty for his actions and would try to make up for it by being over generous.

If you discover that your partner has cheated you, do not take any decision hastily. Tell him / her openly and try to restore the relationship. After all, destroying is thousand times easier than constructing the same thing.

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