Do Online Relationships Work?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/1/2007 | Dating
Love is in the Air

Through out the generations, love has found its way to blossom no matter what the medium is. There used to be a time when marriages were arranged by the families. In the earlier times, the boys and girls met in any social event and the courtship started that used to end in sweet relationships. Courtship has changed its forms with time. But love never looses its appeal. Now the boys and girls meet in schools, colleges or through any common friend. In the recent years, the latest addition to the list is online dating. We are now in an age when we eat, sleep and play Internet and our love life is not an exception. And this has become a part of the courtship process for our generation. There are several sites, some for socializing purpose while some others are only for dating. In those sites, there are several specific groups that can help you to find you the one you are looking for. In such sites, people can create their profiles along with several details about themselves after becoming members in those sites. Such sites allow members to browse through the profiles of other members. You can find your Mr. Perfect or Ms Perfect from their profiles that carry information about religion, gender, appearance, financial status, careers and special interests and many more. This can help you to develop an online relationship with a person. Here, you can also start online chatting in order to know each other well. The persons often become close to our hearts even before we actually meet them. Finding resemblance with the pen friend concept of yesteryears? But unlike them, chat friends have the options of instant chats and photo downloading. There are certain chat friends who even decide not to meet each other until and unless a strong bond grows between them.

Its Only Words And Words - All I Need To Take Your Heart Away

All the online relationship starts with words. And there are people who are more comfortable with written words than voice to express their feelings. The most important advantage of such relationships is that in such associations, you have so much to tell each other. Spending much time by talking to each other is a significant symptom that points out that the relationship is still alive. If you discover that you have nothing to talk about with the particular person you have shared everything, you can be sure the relationship has come to an end and you have nothing to expect from the relationship. Initially talk about anything and everything your likings, your dislikings, your interests, your hobbies, your habits and your fears and more. Make it a habit. The instant messenger will provide you with buddy icons when both of you are chatting. That will make you feel you closer to the person you are chatting with.

You will know that you are getting more and more attracted as soon as you try to be in touch with him. You may consider switching to such a cell phone set that has the Internet browsing facility.  In such stages, you may decide to exchange numbers or photos. Communication is the most important aspect in such relationships. It is not necessary that you discuss only about serious topics. On the contrary, keep the discussions as simple as possible. If possible, try to talk to him over the phone. No instant messenger can be a better replacement of the sweet voice of the person you have fallen for. You can use voice chat. For that, all you need is to have a microphone. You can often have a chat conference with the friends of each other or with your common friends, if there is any.

Near Far Wherever You Are

Distance does not matter at all in online relationships. You can form any relationship in each and every corner of the world. At the initial stage, maintaining a long distance relationship is really difficult, much more than it sounds. Your loved ones cannot be with you physically, if you are not within driving distance, or in different countries as an example of worst case. It is really tough at times to carry on the romance without being in touch physically. But trust me, it is possible. And once you are able to pass the difficult time, you will live happily ever after. Spend as much as quality time possible with each other. Share everything with the person at the other end. This can strengthen the trust between you guys. You can use web cam in your PC as it streams the images of your beloved person and thus, you feel that the person is sitting just in front of you. And when you have trust in your relations, no power can take you apart. There may be experts to tell you that online relationship is the worst idea and does not work. But if you are committed and dedicated enough toward the relationship, online relationships can be the best possible way to make your fairy-tale like dream come true.

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