How To Ask Out Your Work Colleague?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/4/2007 | Dating
Imagine the picture: Joining your new office, you have been infatuated with the pretty woman sitting across your desk. For quite some while, you have started dreaming of her! You are constantly thinking, How can I initiate the whole thing? or How can I ask her out?

These days, most of us are made to spend at least 8 hours at our workplace. So, theres nothing unnatural about falling for a colleague. But, there are, of course, certain rules that you need to follow. So, we have come up with a few suggestions. They can surely guide you in your way.

If you havent spoken to her before, you can greet her with a smile and introduce yourself. When she smiles back, you may ask her whereabouts or start discussing on some general topic. But, dont go on talking for long. That may irritate her. The next day, you have to create an opportunity for talking to her. Suppose, you are facing some problems in your work. Here, you get the chance of seeking her help. Once she lends her helping hands to you, you can be sure that she is quite willing to bail you out of your trouble. You must not forget to express gratitude to her for her effective support.

Just the once both of you start exchanging verbal notes regularly; the scope of building a close friendship opens up. After being in affable terms with each other for at least a couple of weeks or more, now you can ask her out. But, before going for a formal date, you can ask her to watch a movie or game of baseball with you. By the way, you should know her likes and dislikes before approaching her. Lets suppose that she is a die-hard tennis fan or a lover of romantic-comedies. But, you are forcing her to accompany you to a basketball match or a science-fiction movie. These sorts of behaviors will certainly make her miffed. So, know her preferences first and then act accordingly. After you spend a gala time together at the movie-hall or sports stadium, you are free to invite her for a dinner at a posh restaurant. Here, you can get into a more intimate tête-à-tête with your colleague. Getting over with your dinner, you may escort her to home.

But, dating your colleague may not be that easy always. She may have her work pending and needs to stay back at office. In this situation, forcing her to join you for dinner wont be a very good idea. It may also happen that she is contemplating a serious and long-term relationship and office romance is against the company policy. Here too, she wont be interested to go out with you. So, you better consider these factors before giving away your heart to her. If you pester her too much, she will have reasons to get angry and she may bring the issue to the HR departments notice. As a result, your job can be at stake. So, look before you leap. Instead asking her repeatedly for a romantic evening together, try to help her as much as possible in her work. Working together for long hours, sometimes well beyond the office hours, helps in building mutual trust. After winning her reliance as a co-worker, try to be her best friend. Friendship is so precious to a woman that she cannot refuse you once you ask her out. She will indeed go out with you for the sake of true friendship. So, once you win a special place in her heart as a colleague and friend, going for a romantic date wont be a distant dream.

You can also inform her about some events and happenings in office that she was unaware of. Presenting her a surprise birthday gift will make her day and she wont find any excuse of refusing you. Again, rather than waiting for her birthday to come, you can offer her a present on any special occasion. Just give her a friendship band and ask her out in the evening. Try to know about her family, pets and other near and dear ones. Once she gets to know your concern regarding her family matters, she will indeed come closer to you. If she wants to discuss details of her kin with you, you can grab the opportunity of inviting her over a cup of coffee.

With increasing working hours, seldom a woman gets a chance of meeting new people and go out for a date. Here, comes your chance to put forward your proposal. Dont rush for things. Just wait for the right time and opportunity to come and your moment of enjoyment will arrive soon. Running after an unwilling person is not desirable. So, instead of zeroing on a single colleague, keep your options open and make the most out of a situation.

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