How To Survive A Blind Date?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/4/2007 | Dating
How do you know whether its A Blind Date?

With the advent of Internet, the concept of blind date is now commonplace in our society.  Now the question is what is the difference between a date and a blind date? The date can be blind only when the participants of the date had not met each other previously. A third party can arrange the blind date. But in the age of Internet, you hardly need any third party to set up a date for you. You can find your own blind date from chatrooms or from any instant messaging services or from any network for socializing. After you talk to the person over chat or over phone, you finally decide to meet him/her in person. You fix on a place of common interest and talk your heart out for getting to know each other in a much better way.

Is It Me You Are Looking For?

As they say, love is blind, so why not give blind date a try? Once you start liking someone over chats i.e. in your own virtual world, you will surely want to meet that person in reality. If there is any such feeling, do not suppress your feelings and just go ahead and arrange a date with that the person. After all, love blossoms through the channel of likings. Talk as much as possible on your first date. If you guys are not movie buffs, movie theatre will not be an ideal place to go for the blind date. It doesnt sound wise at all to watch some other persons for two or more hours when you are supposed to interact with the person who can be your prospective life partner. It will help you find whether your Mr. Virtual Perfect is Mr. Perfect in reality or not and vice versa. There are loads of examples where all these likings have turned into simple friendship after the first date. It is not anybodys fault. A person can be totally different than he had sounded earlier. May be you used to be more attracted towards that person in chatrooms. On the other hand, the person may turn out to be just the one you have dreamt so far. And your story may have a happy ending.

When you've Found Your Man, Make Sure He's For Real

Do not limit your relationships to your chatrooms. It is not likely that you have same kind of feelings toward all the persons you are chatting with. You may have some special feelings for any one of them, though in profile he/she has written to be mirror-cracking material. But does look matter at all in a long-term relationship? And when you start to feel in a different way for a particular person with such a profile, his looks will become inconsequential and you will feel the urge to meet the person face to face. And you never know, this person can turn out to be a handsome hunk or a gorgeous beauty! But at this point, looks hardly add any extra appeal to your feelings. These days, as the number of blind date are growing in the world of Internet; the chances of heartbreaks are equally high. But, blind date is really important to bring the virtuality of Internet Dating into reality.

I Could Stay Lost In This Moment Forever

There are people who do not want to carry on the online relationship and for them, the blind date remains an affair to remember, a moment to be cherished forever. For such people also, blind date has its own charm. For the persons living in moments, blind date is like an adventure. You surely cannot ignore the charm of the guesswork you make before going to meet someone. But blind date has such power that it can change your momentary adventure into a life-long affair.

Tips For Blind Date

If you are a boy, take the initiative. Do not ask for your girl to take control and ask her out for a blind date. It proves your masculinity, which will surely attract the girl towards you. Be the first one in every move you two make, be it a dance together or a passionate kiss. All these will ultimately count at the end of the day.

Planning is must for the date. You never know your blind date at a quiet restaurant may end up in a loud party at a disc. So, always plan ahead.

Be yourself. Always remember most of the people do not like pretensions. Do not show off just to impress your date, as it may create a negative image. Do not try to impress the other with your career or bank balance. Maintain a limit and decency.

Be a good listener. Just try to listen what the others have to say about his/her family. Let the other speak first. Then only, you can tell about yourself to the other. And be cautious while selecting words. A slip of tongue can create lots of problems. Remember, it is the conversations that will decide the fate of the date.

If you are going for a date with a girl, always make her the center of attention, as this is a universal truth that girls like to be attended like a princess. Do not take your eyes off from her as long as you are with her. Girls cherish the attention that you are showering.

Do not ask so many questions that can embarrass your date, because, curiosity kills the cat. On the very first date, just listen and if necessary, ask general, not too much personal questions.

Always get prepared for everything and plan a way to escape. Never expect the best. Get ready for the worst and think of a decent way to escape the date without hurting the other. Your date may turn out to be one of those types you hate to be with. Or, this can be the beginning of a life long association.

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