Basic Home Buying Tips

By Lee Cameron Published 08/13/2007 | Real Estate
This is intended to be a bit of a primer for the first-time home buyer. Buying a home is a huge decision and not an easy one to make the first time. The home purchase process can be fraught with pitfalls that a new buyer may never see coming, so proper planning and prep is essential. Let's try breaking this process up into 3 parts; financial, shopping and moving. Let's also look at each in turn and see if we can't figure out a good set of steps to follow that can guide a new buyer to a successful home purchase.

Financial - Financially speaking this is going to be huge. Unlike anything you have ever done actually. Buying a home is something that will directly involve every last aspect of your financial life and is based entirely on your credit score. If you are unsure what yours is then now is the time to find out. There could be things affecting your score that may keep you from getting a mortgage and those will need to be cleared up immediately. Then you will need a fully pre-approved mortgage so that you can begin the second step.

Shopping - This is the fun step as you now get to go out and shop for homes. Yes, you get to be the finicky buyer!Now, be careful in your shopping, remember you will have a set amount of money to be working with and setting your standards too high may result in disappointment. Be reasonable about what you actually need. And don't bet the whole lot on one home. This really is the fun part of the process so if you find something you like, make an offer!

Moving - It' always best to start getting really for this step a long time beforehand as picking up an entire life and moving it any distance is time consuming and stressful and should be done with the utmost of care and planning. You will be fairly exhausted at this point but you may find that you are simply running on excitement, especially as the possession date grows closer. Pack by room and this will make it easier to set things up in the new home.

This list is pretty basic but it is something that you can use as the basis for a strong and informed home purchase. Make any changes to the process that you feel necessary after all this is your life and future that are on the line. As you go you can refine and change the list to suit your needs, just remember that this is a process with aspects that will not change.

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