Selling In A Buyer's Market

By Lee Cameron Published 08/13/2007 | Real Estate
Home selling in a buyer's market is not the ideal time to be selling but if it is necessary then you as a seller must start to consider a few things to make your sale a bit more appealing. These are, of course things that a seller may want to do anyway regardless of the state of the market. When the market was in a sellers market, home selling was amazingly simple. Once the home was listed it was little time before there were buyers clamoring to have a look at what was being offered. Offers came quickly and in numbers and sellers did not have long to wait. Well this is indeed something that has changed and selling a home may take a bit more time and effort from the seller. It may also take a bit more intelligent marketing and flexibility but if you want the sale done quickly and profitably then it may be necessary.

Selling in a buyer's market is all about increasing the value without increasing the buying price. Essentially buyers have to see that value in your home and understand that the price that you are asking is proper. Now, making buyers understand the value in your home can be a interesting thing. Then again it can also be a simple thing if it is done right. More so than in the seller's market, in a buyer's market homes must be presented in an elite and show-worthy way.You cannot leave any little things out when getting the home ready for a sale as you want your home to be the very best one that buyers see. This is always a good way to treat shows but it is even more important in the buyer's market. In this kind of market home staging and curb appeal take center stage and must be maintained throughout the showings. In a buyer's market a seller really cannot afford to have a "negative show."

Another thing that you may want to consider as a seller is buyer incentives that sweeten the deal that your home offers. These can be anything that you mind can conjure up that may be attractive to buyers. Anything from tickets to a major sporting event to painting and flooring allowances fit the bill quite well. If you get to know a bit about the buyers that are coming through you may be able to customize an incentive that will be attractive to them specifically. Buyers tend to take notice of things like this and appreciate the thought and effort.

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