I Have Been Hurt By Men Too Many Times, Should I Start Dating Women?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/14/2007 | Dating
Can you say from your heart that your passion for making love is saturated? You would definitely say a big NO. Yes, the yearning for fulfilling love does not stop till human beings lose the pulsation of life. Do not thrive on the stinking experience of your past; rather try hard tailoring your future and earn utmost fun and pleasure from life. Keeping these ideas in mind, you can make a balance in your personal life too. After allpast is history and future is mystery, so be with the present for enlightening your future and also to erase painful experiences of your past.

I know a girl, who got immensely benefited by listening to my words. She was just like you, who had several relationships but none of them gave her assurance to carry further. She got frustrated and decided not to go for any other relationship with her male friends. I told her that to end up relationships is to end up life and also asked her why she had taken such steps. She described her whole story to me. She had fallen in love with a boy much older to her. They had physical relation for several times. Each time my friend asked him to marry, he used to get rid off that situation by saying something else. With the passage of time, they got separated and that boy got married to another girl. Three other boys also cheated my friend thereafter. Having understood her situation very well, I suggested her not to give up in her pursuit of finding love and do not stop looking for men until you are truly happy with someone. She searched out a new friend and they began their romance. Now, they are married with two children.

There are several reasons behind winning in the battle of love affair. You would get to know what the male populace prefers and why they change relationship very often. Once you learn the art of realizing their mind, you would be able to mould yourself to fulfill all their desires and thus, you will be able to make your way to success. As you are experienced, you can add more fun in their life. Think it properly a man moves to other place when he is not satisfied with what he has. If he gets satisfaction, fun, entertainment from his life partner, he would definitely stay with her till the end.

As you have been in quite a few relationships earlier, you would probably have the idea of how to win hearts of men. Be confident and look around for a match for you. I am sure that you would be able to find out you partner very soon. Do not hasten, move slowly to reach your end. This has to be kept in mind well to get success in life. You should also realize that compared to women, the minds of men are built from an entirely different blueprint. Men hurt their wives' feelings without understanding them properly and then get baffled when their women counterpart are upset with them without any specific reason.

The saying goes - "To meet her handsome prince, a girl has to kiss a lot of frogs."  So, you will have to play intelligently. Even if you are experienced and financially self-sufficient, this adage is much more appropriate for men aspiring for marriage than it is for women.

Apart from all these things, you need to get a male partner because of quenching your thirst for sex. Spend a little time in thinking - can any women satisfy you by entering their organ into yours? NO! It is not physically possible. You can get pleasure by pushing artificial limb into yours. But that would not be as satisfactory as the organ of your male counterpart. For getting hands free penetration, you also need the help of a male partner. Male-female pair is recognized as ideal. They are just like the two halves of a ball, if you consider only one part and neglect the other, you would not be able to form a complete sphere. Thus, you need to make a lifelong relationship with a male counterpart.

It may happen that you want desperately making friendship with a woman because of your preference. Never mind making friendship with her. It is better to have a girl friend than having none at all. Decide what do you want to have in life first. Do you want a male partner or want to get enjoyment from a girl partner. The ultimate thing is to get pleasureit does not matter in what way you are getting them. So, decide first in which direction you want to move and march forward. Never stay alone in life.

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