Curb Appeal and Fencing

By Sanjog Gopal Published 08/14/2007 | Real Estate
Selling a home is basically a competition. Your home is in direct competition with other homes in the area for however many buyers there happen to be that are looking in that area. If there happen to be a good number of interested parties then the home sale may go a bit quicker but on the average there is still stiff competition for the nicer homes. Also remember that if buyers don't find what they are looking for or something that they are willing to consider in that area then they will likely move along to another location. So what is necessary is a way to capture the interest of buyers and inspire them to explore your home in more detail.

Curb appeal is what it's all about. One major aspect of curb appeal is fencing. How many times have you seen a pretty nice home that has sub-standard fencing? It is unfortunate when one sees this as fencing plays a major role in the overall appearance of a yard. If a fence is old, rickety and ready to collapse then that takes away from the appearance of the yard. Old fences also pose a safety problem for families with pets and small children. If a fence can be easily bypassed then there is not much point to having it, pets can run free and children can find their way out to the neighboring yards or streets and that is not a pleasant thought. Fences are designed to keep things in and keep other things out so if your property has a faulty or suspect fence then replacing it with a sturdy new one can increase your property's allure greatly.

Curb appeal is a bit of a different thing when thinking about the back yard as opposed to the front. Although people have to come into the home to see what the backyard has to offer it can still be thought of in terms of exterior or "curb" appeal. The back yard is typically utilized as a family gathering place. A location of seclusion for the street and a great space for gatherings. While these gatherings may include the neighbors it is always nice to have the privacy when it is necessary or desired. Fences provide this security and privacy like nothing else. Take the time to upgrade the fencing on your home if it is in need of it and you should get some impressed reactions when buyers see the yard.

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