I've Started To Have Feeling For The Same Sex, Am I Gay?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/17/2007 | Dating
You have started to have feeling for a person (or probably, more than a person) of the same sex does not necessarily mean that you are gay. You must identify the nature of your feeling first is it really sexual feelings or just any sorts of emotional feelings (such as, compassion, sympathy etc.) that any individual can feel for another fellow human being. If it is the second type, then the question of being gay doesnt crop up. But, if members of your same gender make you sexually turned on, then there are chances that you might be gay. I am saying you might be gay because, I dont know whether you have already developed such feelings towards the members of the opposite sex. If you have felt heterosexual attraction before and now suddenly getting sexually aroused by men, then you can be a bisexual. But whatever you feel like, always remember that theres nothing to worry about. Whether you get attracted towards people of the same sex, or opposite sex or both sex, every forms of sexual expressions are absolutely normal.

In case if you are feeling attraction for men only, then its absolutely fine, theres nothing to be ashamed of. Just be yourself and be comfortable with your sexual identity. It is also possible that you may have these feelings momentarily and your same-sex feelings are not going to linger for long. So, you have to take your time and take things slowly. Dont rush into any kinds of conclusions like alas, I am gay or wow, I am straight. You are what you are, regardless your sexual orientation. A person is not known for his/her sexual preference; rather, the qualities that he/she possesses make an ideal individual. So, instead of fretting over your sexual preference, try to concentrate on your personal well being and develop your professional skills.

Its always good to be aware of ones own sexuality, but never force yourself to become someone else just to prove yourself normal in the eyes of some prudes of the society. If persistent feelings for other guys come to your mind naturally, then you cant do much about it. Just try to come in terms with your sexuality and start accepting yourself as you are. You are not the only person in this world who is gay; there are hordes of other people who feel the same way as you do. Remember, approximately 10% of the global population is gay.

Once you become sure about your sexual identity, then its up to you how you want to spend the rest of your life. You are free to choose your partner and get into a steady affair. You also have the liberty to indulge yourself into on/off relationships and one night stands. But, whatever way you select for satisfying your sexual urge, never forget to take necessary precautions, because it is mandatory is any sort of relationship be it a heterosexual or homosexual one. Dont try to get into relationship with a girl thinking it may cure your homosexuality, since homosexuality is not a disease and the question of curing it by getting married doesnt arise at all. Listen to your heart, try to pay heed to your inner feelings and desires and act accordingly.

Several researches regarding the reasons behind a persons sexual orientation have been carried out throughout the past few decades. Though, scientists are yet to come into any conclusion concerning the actual basis of homosexuality, the role of genes cannot be ignored. As per the studies, some people are born this way. You may develop same-sex feelings at a young age or in the later parts of their lives, but theres no use of hiding these feelings for long or pretending to be a straight guy. Thats not going to give you much. Being honest to your own self is definitely a better option than leading a life in the closet.

As the society is becoming more tolerant and sensitive towards gay people, you dont have to worry much about your sexual preference. You can come across thousands of organizations and counseling centers that deal with these issues and the lives of many homosexual people have turned better after getting in touch with them. Once you meet other like-minded people through these agencies, you will certainly come to know how fun life can be for you gay people.

You dont have to rush for coming out in public. First come out to yourself and then wait for the right place and time to reveal your sexuality to others. Its your life and its only you who can decide how to lead it. I am sure, you are going to meet your prince charming soon and then, live happily ever after.

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