Should You Date A Married Woman?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/23/2007 | Dating
If she is really attractive, mature and compassionate, there is no harm in making a relationship even if she is married In this world, nobody knows which relationship is perfect and is going to stay till the end except your association with the God. You may be thinking of the consequences of making love or dating a married woman. Do never feel so, if you really feel to make a relationship with her - go and tell her straightforward.

I am telling the real story that happened with one of my closest friends only a few days ago. He had fallen in love with one of his neighbors. She was a real beauty and every young heart wished to meet her and dreamt of spending a few hours with her. My friend used to stare at her whenever he had an idle time. He tried many times to propose her, but could not do so due to hesitation. One fine afternoon, seeing his heartthrob roaming around the lake with young a boy surprised my friend. They were in an intimate position and my friend came straight back home feeling depressed. So, to avoid such an awkward situations, you should march forward and express your thoughts to your lover.

Dating with a married woman would be a fantastic idea for any man. It does not matter whether you are younger or senior to that woman. Just think a little bit and you would be able to get answers ready at hand. Since married women are experienced in every respect, you would not face any problem to quench your thirst for sex. You would have to play according to the directions of your lover and by doing so you may find infinite pleasure. You cannot expect so much fun from any inexperienced girl. If you want to enjoy sexual intercourse from an inexperienced girl you would have to take initiative for enjoying the pleasure. You cannot expect getting pleasure from her without toiling hard. On the other hand, experienced women can satisfy you and lessen your apprehensions at the time of having sex. She knows very well how to stimulate different organs quickly. Apart from that, she would tell you what is the exact way to arouse her sexually. Accurate position and technique is required for enhancing extended sexual action and that can be certainly expected from an experienced woman.

If you want to have relationship with a married woman, you can expect unconditional love, which you may not get from an unmarried one. Think of the situation a married woman will only come close to you when she would feel unsatisfied with her legal husband. To gratify her thirst for sex, she would come to you and would do whatever is necessary. In such condition, she would expect nothing more than a happy sexual relationship. On the other hand, your aim would also be to satisfy your heart to the fullest by playing with her different parts. In addition to all these, you can satisfy your libido without wasting any material things. This relationship would be an unconditional one.

She needs nothing from you except love and sexual pleasure. As she is married, she is supposed to have all the material things that are required to live on the earth. The following story would surely make you understand a little bit: One day, feeling deeply depressed about her sexual life a married woman decided to commit suicide. She wrote a suicidal note and left it open at their study. Finding this note, her husbands friend rescued her from danger. There was none in the flat and listening the entire story of her, that young handsome boy decided to satisfy her. Soon, they became friend, lover and partner to each other. In absence of her husband, they used to meet in their flat and get into the act until they both were fully satisfied. Within a few days, that married woman found out reasons to live for more days on the earth. They never exchanged any material gifts or any expensive items, but continued making love for a couple of years.

Thus, you can enjoy your life without really burning your pocket. Apart from this, it would be your safest relationships on the earth. Since the married woman would never try to reveal the relationship that exists between you and her, you are rest assured of playing safely. In this way, you can continue making love with your girlfriend and that married woman at the same time.

To get rid off from the monotony of life, you can sometime go for a long drive with that married woman and can get pleasure from her. Nobody would be aware of your relationship, but both of you can fulfill your desire. So, what are you waiting for? Just be ready to start dating a married woman and bring utmost satisfaction to your life.

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