What Is Unconditional Love?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/27/2007 | Dating
Why people kiss or want to be kissed by their partners???

It is an expression of affection in romantic relationships that come from within the two conjugal lovers. Love can be expressed in thousands of ways but nobody can say which one is the most satisfactory for them.

You must have seen pairs of lovers sitting in a cozy pasture at your nearby park and making love for hours together leaving all the prosaic things behind. Sometimes, they are seen to play with each others private parts or are seen in a kissing posture. This is nothing new to this world of romantic love; the tradition has been going on since the origin of human race. But, can any couple truly claim that they are fully satisfied with their activities in parks under the greenwood tree? No!! They would prefer to have more sexual play to meet their desire. This urge for making love cannot be satisfied if it is not free from condition.  

Even after a passionate intercourse, a couple may not be satisfied fully to open their heart for love; on the other hand, a single kiss can bring saturated love in your life. It is the psychology of lovers that determine the state of satisfactiontrue love is boundless, free from all ethics of life; it can neither be restricted through any chain of conditions nor can be replaced by any earthly substance.

A married life is intended to bring happiness through love, emotions and feelings for each other. If there lays no emotion, sense of satisfaction and earnest eagerness to make love - nothing can bring peace, harmony and certainty in married life. It is quite obvious that after getting married, every couple would like to explore more fun through sex; but the common experience is altogether different. It is often found that instead of enjoyment, they are leading a hectic life full of conditions that revolves around give and take policy. Love is not love when conditions restrict normalcy of life. Take the incident for granted a young boy to satisfy his urge for making love goes to a prostitute and does what is expected keeping aside true love from her and as soon as the game is over he would have to stretch his hand for paying a lump some amount.

Relationship between the boy and the prostitute is too fragile to stay more than one or two hours. In this case, sex can be bought in exchange of money but cannot love. Marriage, though an institution, seems like a relationship between a truant boy and a prostitute, if it is not bounded by unconditional love. Faith, complacency and satisfaction are key words that can bring peace and harmony in any married couple, not mere sex. On the other hand sex is as important as the heart beats of life. Without sex life seems to be barren tract of land. This is why unconditional love is the primal force behind any strong relationships, especially for marriage.

The society is getting complicated every day and the relationships between human beings are no exception. Extra-marital affair is very common nowadays; but that relationship should also be cemented with unconditional love, otherwise the fun that you are looking for would not come to you. There is always a set of theory that rover around human mind in order to crave for any object that is beyond their reach. Extra marital affair is increasing like anything else. Unlike any other person, you would probably think of enjoying the body of others wife without letting know her husband.

This relationship would stay as long you crave and it stands on a definite cause. Suppose, both of you want to keep this relationship only because of having sex or to play with the private organs of each other; in such cases, the love that you possess for that lady or vice versa is controlled by conditions i.e. sex and nothing else. If there were true love in between two souls of you, both of you would feel for each other. Otherwise, it would again become just like the relationship of a young boy and prostitute. Give and take policy can be applicable to deal with customers, but would never fruitful for a matured love affair. Love is devoid of any expectation; it does not demand anything from life. Only proper mentality and mindset is required.

The term unconditional love should also be there in between two gays or lesbians. Preferences may alter depending on people; but unconditional love is static in every true relationship. It is the basis of any true association; it asks for trust, faith and friendship of two different souls. Unconditional love is ideal love, which brings peace, harmony, satisfaction and all the positive emotional feelings in life. It is difficult to follow the true paths of unconditional love in the mire of mundane life, but the fruits of unconditional love bring forth true sense to live on the breast of this mother earth.

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