What Are The Best Flirting Tips?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/27/2007 | Dating
You spot the gorgeous gal at the party and her irresistible charisma makes you mad for her. You want to get closer to heryou are dying to spend to few precious moments of togetherness. But will you succeed to impress her? What can you do now?

Just go through the page and hone your flirting skills

Always wear a smile when you are in the mood for flirting. It is indeed the most important accessory of a flirt. Smiling persons are really much more approachable than their straight-faced counterparts. A beautiful smile has the power of lighting up the whole evening and can add such a magnetic charm to your personality that can draw a number of people towards you.

Shower your partner with heaps of compliments. But never go over the top. And keep an element of surprise in all your compliments. They must sound genuine and candid. Whenever you receive a compliment, dont forget to say thank you in return. All these will surely keep your flirting game going.

Making eye contact is a must! Give your partners seductive looks for a few seconds and then take your eyes away from him/her. Please dont ogle constantly. It can be a major turn off.

A good listener always makes a desirable person. If you are willing to lend your ears to your partner for several minutes, he/she will be more than happy to get an attentive and patient listener like you and your flirting hour can turn out to be quite a hit.

Be confident enough to make the first move. Shyness can be a real obstacle in the path of a good flirt. Just get closer to the person who has fascinated you and greet him/her with a cordial hi or hello.

Get in charge of the whole situation, instead of playing the passive role of a person who is always waiting in the wings for his/her turn to come.

Be well groomed. Your appearance should be a pleasing, yet eye-catching one. In this process, you are free to take help of various props. The perfume you wear plays an effective role in turning that special someone on. Clothes and other accessories too need to chosen with care. You may also take your cute little puppy or your bros chubby son with you. These props are great for catching the attention of a woman.

Always try to bring forth your vulnerable self. Keep your jovial and cheery mood alive.

Learn to enhance your gift of the gab. Carry on talking on diverse subjects and keep your partner engrossed. Always give him/her chance to take part in the conversation.

Make your confidence your greatest asset. Risks are intrinsic to flirting. So, dont get afraid to take risks. Wear your attitude on your sleeve. Show that you are keen to give her company and think positive. You have to shun all your negativities; they show on your face.

Fill your eyes with deep interest and warmth while looking at your beloved. Keep your pupils moving. If you see that the object of your flirting has started blushing, then it is rest assured that you have won the game.

Always speak in a low, but appealing tone. Try to get in tune with his/her level of volume.

Modulate your voice; add a sensuous touch to it.

Give gentle touches in various areas of the persons body. But, never grope any body part. Fleeting touches in hands, shoulders and arms have their magical aftereffects.

Take her away from the crowd, move to the rooms corner and put your entire focus on her.

Dont try to be over-smart and never try to be someone you are not. There are chances that you can turn out to be a laughing stock.

Act, behave and talk in such a way that will go with your image. Be yourself and put forward your true self.

Sexual undercurrents in conversation are OK. But, debar from sexual overtones. That may spoil the whole thing.

Never take flirting too far and cross the limit of decency. Flirting up to a certain extent is fine, but too much of anything is bad.

Dont become an exhibitionist. Too much showing off is never desirable.

Try to develop your self-esteem. A person lacking in the department of self-respect can never be a charmer.

The more you flirt, the more you sharpen your flirting ability. Practice makes perfect these words are true in every respect. Try your hands at parties, discs, bars and other social-dos.

The best way to know whether the person you are flirting with is interested is to take a close look at his/her eyes. Once you succeed in reading the language of other peoples eyes, you can become adept in flirting.

Give him/her clear signals that you are attracted. Try to read the persons signals too.

Ask his/her special likings, hobbies etc. and made them your topic of discussion. Dont go on and on speaking only about yourself and your penchants.

Offer her a drink and a few bites from your snacks.

Let, your body language speak volumes about yourself.

Never use filthy languages. Be humorous and crack intelligent jokes.

Try to find which is your sexiest body part and what makes you sexy in the truest sense. Ooze your sex appeal.

Dont use clichéd pick up lines. Try something new and unique.

Becoming too self-conscious about your body is not desirable.

Sometimes silence speaks volumes. Try to give your partner non-verbal signals.

Wellare you ready to take the plunge now? If YES, then, ALL THE BEST for your next Saturday night-out 

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