What Does It Mean To Be A Lesbian?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/29/2007 | Dating

Glancing through the pages of your favorite magazine, your eyes get fixed on the electrifying beauty with amazing curvesits not that you are just appreciating her bodily charm, neither you are jealous of her assetsyour heart fills up with such desire that you have never felt beforeyou want to touch her, feel her, want to make love to heryou cant stop thinking about heryou ask yourselfAm I a lesbian?

Lesbian women feel romantic and sexual attraction only towards other women, and not for men. Delving into the pages of history, we can come across the legendary Greek poetess Sappho whose objects of attraction were primarily other women. The word lesbian is a derivative of the term Lesbos the island where Sappho lived. Historical evidences have proved that lesbian affairs were quite commonplace in the ancient world. Theres nothing to be surprised of after hearing and reading about these women-loving-women. Whats wrong in that if some women feel comfortable being physically, psychologically and spiritually closer to other women? Nothing can stop them from being what they are. Studies have shown that out of every ten teens, at least one is either lesbian or gay (men who feel sexually attracted to other men)! You can come across lesbians in every races, classes, cultures and professions they are everywhere.

Most of us, whether straight or gay, become aware of our sexuality, our innermost sexual desires, during adolescence. While the majority is drawn towards the opposite sex at this stage, some young girls develop a crush on other beautiful women. Instead of handsome hunks, gorgeous lasses start coming into their dreams. You must have gone through a confusing state of mind when all your girlfriends were dating men and you were preoccupied with the thoughts of your dream-gal! But, the time has now come to get over with all your confusions. If you are sure that other women turn you on then you are definitely a lesbian and being a lesbian, you certainly have the rights to live life in your own way. Lesbian relations are as natural as the relationship between a man and woman. Love is such an emotion that is always pure, whether it exists between two heterosexual individuals or two women is inconsequential!

In some women, development of sexuality is a time-consuming process. So, take your time and express your feelings once you are confident and comfortable regarding your sexual orientation. Same-sex attraction between men and women is absolutely normal - scientists and researchers have come to this conclusion long before. So, what is preventing you to love your desired woman? If you and your partner are in love with each other and want to stay together, no force in the world can stop you from doing sojust be yourself and remain true to yourself.

Though our society has often stereotyped lesbians, you will be wrong if you assume lesbian women behave in a particular manner and have certain traits. Your sexual preference may be different from that of your friend, but it doesnt mean that both of you cannot have similar interests and pursue the same hobbies. Your sexual orientation is just a part of your total self, its not the entire you. Moreover, theres good news for all lesbian women violation and discrimination against them is decreasing steadily, thanks to the untiring efforts of the lesbian organizations that have strived hard to establish their civil rights.

Once you acknowledge yourself as a lesbian, you may start wondering how to come out with your orientation in open. Here, the lesbian counseling agencies can come at your rescue. They will surely let you know the right time and place for coming out. Having supportive family, friends and colleagues can help you to lead a blissful lesbian life. There are various instances that a lesbian has found true joy of life after getting accepted by their near and dear ones. The discussion forums available at the lesbian websites can also ward off all your queries regarding lesbian sex. The best thing about lesbian sex is the chance of getting infected with HIV and other STDs is quite less than other sexual activities.

You can enjoy your lesbian life once you start feeling good about yourself. Just because some prudes think your way of sexual expression is not right, you must not destroy your much-valued self-esteem. Neither you need to hide your sexuality, nor should you become angry and get depressed about it. You are born this way and you have every right to live in your own terms. Take inspiration from the books written and films made about lesbians. They will give you lots of courage and give you back your self-respect that you may have lost somewhere in the way. Meeting other single lesbians or lesbian-couples can provide you a clear picture of how fulfilling life can be for a lesbian. Feminist groups like NOW (National Organization for Women), the lesbian and feminist associations of your local colleges and universities and nearby LGBT Social & Resource Organizations are always there to lend their helping hands for you.

Please dont live with pent up emotions anymore, but keep your wings of hope and desire afloatnobody will dare to cut off your wingsfly high, higher& reach the rainbow! 

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