What Does It Mean To Be Bisexual?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/29/2007 | Dating

Bisexuality!!! Is it just a passing phase or bisexuals really get attracted to people of both the sexes throughout their lives? Getting curious? Want to know the actual meaning of bisexual?

The term bisexual was first used in the perspective of sexual orientation in 1914. Most of the bisexuals crave for the members of both sexes and they even get into romantic liaison and create emotional connection with them. The very idea of getting attracted to either a man or woman can make them feel incomplete. Just like homosexuality and heterosexuality, bisexuality is a natural form of sexual expression. Theres a common belief that bisexuals always seek no-strings-attached physical relationships. But, its not true. Emotional involvement is the thing that most of them look for. Its not that people turn bisexuals when they fail to find a suitable partner from the opposite sex. The fact lies here that bisexual traits are innate in human beings. They are not confused creatures, rather they are well aware of their sexuality. As both men and women turn them on, the chance of finding a dream date or getting a life partner doubles up in case of a bisexual. But that certainly does not make the bisexuals promiscuous in nature. The level of promiscuity in an individual has nothing to do with his/her sexuality. It, irrespective of sexual preference, varies from person to person.

Theres nothing wrong in you if you are capable of forming sexual bond with members of both the male and female species. The height of attraction may differ, but the comfort level is always there. To a bisexual person, the importance of a person (from either gender) is much more than the lust for a particular sexual organ. Having a penchant for both guys and girls is no crime. Just experience the fun of going both the ways. Its the matter of how you feel from inside and whether you fantasize both males and females. How many times you engage in sexual activities with whom doesnt matter much. On the other hand, its again true that only fantasizing people from both genders doesnt make you bisexual. Even if you carry out your fantasies in real, its totally up to you what are you labeling yourself as.

Watching a film and getting attracted to both its hero and heroine at the same time is not at all uncommon. After getting over with the confusion, once you be at ease with yourself, your dull and boring life can definitely become exciting. Once you start liking yourself as you are, others will surely follow. Meeting bisexual people has become so easy nowadays. You can find several bisexual or bi-inclusive groups at your locality. Here, you get the chance of meeting like-minded people with whom you can set up a dream date or even settle down in near future. The helplines and bisexual resource centers can also be of great assistance. One cannot possibly change his/her sexual orientation, so its better to accept a person as he/she is. Bisexual people cannot be stereotyped; they are as diverse as heterosexuals and homosexuals. Some of them may opt for lifelong relationships while others may prefer one-night escapades.

Being bisexual cannot debar oneself from dreaming of a family of his/her own. Having children via adoption, surrogacy measures or artificial insemination is quite common these days. With the development of ones sexual identity, the degree of attraction that a bisexual person feels towards either of the sexes may vary. Some bisexual people are not comfortable with the term. This situation has given way to various other related terms like bi-curious, not straight, omnisexual and pansexual etc. But, researchers and psychologists always advise to come out with ones true sexual identity as it has been proved time and again that the coming out process often paves the way for a calmer and happier life.

As per researches, sexuality is largely determined at the time of birth. As a southpaw picks things up with his left hand instinctively, the passionate yearnings that a bisexual feel for both sexes come spontaneously. Neither bisexuality can be forced upon anybody, nor psychotherapy or other interventions can change sexual orientation of a person. Its fine to get drawn towards members of both the sexes. Some bisexuals (gays, lesbians as well) prefer to call themselves queer. The term, though once used as an insulting label, is hailed with respect nowadays. Some bisexual people take long time to decipher their true sexual callings while others are quite sure of their inclinations well before adolescence. With maturity, they become capable of nurturing a satisfying and committed relationship with a person from either sex. Just listen to your heart and you will come to know about your exact nature, you dont have to rush into any conclusion.

All types of sexual preferences, including bisexuality, are absolutely normal. Bisexuality is neither a matter of choice that can be altered, nor a disease, which can be cured. And whatever you pretend to be, you will always remain as you are. Being bisexual doesnt make a person obsessed with sex. Persons from both the sexes may sweep him off his feet, but not each and every men and women. Just like straight people, bisexual persons select their partners on the basis of looks, intelligence, personality etc. Bisexuals are free to have male and female partners simultaneously, but they are not bound to get into multiple relationships at the same time. Most bisexual persons just wait for the right person to fall in love and the gender often becomes irrelevant in the process. Being a bisexual, you are free to live your sexual life in your own terms, provided that it doesnt hamper the lives of others.

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