Take Yourself to Nirvana and Back

By Dal Medina Published 09/14/2007 | Self Improvement

State of Mind: Take yourself to Nirvana and Back

     Nirvana has been described as a state of total bliss.  It marks the end of the rebirths cycle.  Since most people are Christians and therefore have no goals of Nirvana, let me explain my euphemism.  I may well consider an orgasm Nirvana, while others consider their crack high as Nirvana, though neither assigns or derives rather, proper meaning from that elusive indescribable state.  Therefore, let me cut the B.S., what I mean to say is, give your mind a prolonged rest from the troubling things happening and even hurricanes, earthquakes and crimes.  Just set your troubles aside, and relax in your elated sate of mind.  Let me tell you how

     Not many of us can afford happy pills, I should know, I ran out of money. Kidding.  Given that I am not suggesting that you get drunk, go have wild sex and kill anyone, it is clear that I must explain further.   Remind yourself that even those people who never seem to be able to stop grinning have their shitty days and even the dullest melancholic ones have their happy days.  At times, it is difficult to toss aside overwhelming issues (maybe you are broke and being evicted, killed someone and wanted by the police, pregnant for a married man or just in one of your BLAH / PMS moods), but it never hurts to have a sense of humor.     

     Write down your troubles in a piece of paper, look them over, think of it a minute, then crumple them and toss them in the trash, where they belong.  You would be surprised at how this seemingly trivial exercise can help.  Next, take out your scrap book or old albums and reminisce the good times.  Take a drink if you feel like it, but do not get drunk.  If you are a smoker, indulge.  If chocolate is your weakness as it is mine, then go ahead, eat the Twix or Snickers and enjoy the endorphins.  Then take a long bath or long shower, wash ever crevice of you body with a mild creamy soap, examine your body and be gentle with yourself.  Then dress up, make up and go out, just take a stroll with no precise destination and pretend you own the world and revel in the sweet things strangers may tell you.

     Forget about the bad things, and call up your best friend and go have a blast.  Send the kids with your mother in law for a minute and just tell your friend that you want to have fun, no guilt, no lectures, and no rules.  Do something fun and daring, but not altogether regrettable.  Just close your eyes and picture yourself at the top of a mountain screaming: Screw the world!!!  This worked for me and my therapist.  Before you know it, you will feel lighter and better.  Use your best buddy as your shilling therapist, let him/her just sit and listen to you talk your head off for an hour and after telling out what bothers you, I promise, you will feel better.

     You can also try another therapeutic technique for dealing with people who make your life miserableno. no. I do not mean voodoo.  Take their picture or draw a caricature of them, and throw darts at it and after their picture is not discernible, toss it out.  It helps a lot to do the opposite, just be nice to everyone.  Cook your husbands or lovers favorite food and if hes worried that you are trying to poison him, just make it clear that you are being nice to improve your own state of mind.    You can also try pretending that you are not an adult and just do silly things and repeat words until they do not make sense: watch some cartoons and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for fun.  Just get to Nirvana, do whatever it takes, but remember to come back to reality.