Definition of a woman- not by Websters

By Dal Medina Published 09/14/2007 | Social Issues

Definition of a woman- not by Websters

     If you ask a man to describe a woman, he may foremost describe her physical appearance.  For instance the size of her breasts, her buttocks and perhaps her height.  If you insist and implore upon him that he describe her intellectually and emotionally or even socially, you are sure to hear preschool words as pretty and Creole or misinterpreted descriptions such as odd, moody, sensitive, volatile, and so on.  This is perhaps because men are simple and mostly transparent.  They like beer, women and sports, not necessarily in that order, and they go after it, no mystery there.  The male specie almost always avoids doing house chores and rarely has a very involved hand in rearing his offspring.  If you happen to be one of the few men who actually enjoy doing house work and changing diapers, you are a wuss.  I got sidetracked already.  If you ask a woman to describe herself or another woman, you can log the information on volumes upon volumes of books. Perhaps as simply as I can put it, I will condense the definition of a woman in this column. 

     A woman is either a baby (0-4 years), girl (5-25), woman (26-59) or grandma (as fine wine perfected with age).  A woman thinks independently, but rarely acts as such.  She relies on family (Husband foremost), close relatives and friends to influence her decision.  A woman is attractive, perhaps not beautiful, but she can unfailingly give a man an erection once she reveals her breasts and other erogenous areas.      She can use sex to her advantage to get what she wants.  Men cannot do this, because most often sex is what men want.  A woman is not altogether selfish, but she forwards her interests and compromises to situation for her own benefit.  A marriage of convenience perhaps or flirting with the hand that feeds you.

     A woman is incredibly intelligent: having deciphered the codes of the male person and having found countless ways of both manipulation and exploitation.   A woman is resilient, not breaking down entirely when faced with adversity, be that in the form of death (not her own, rather that of a parent, friend, child or husband) or deception.  A woman is powerful, though she is mistaken as weak.  She holds a collection of strong emotional feelings conserved, accumulated in her brain for when she needs them.  She is elated to be a bridesmaid (myth) and she is sad when her kids get holidays, and well, wouldnt you be if you had children running all over you for month on end?

     A woman is the epitome of sympathy, since most women empathize with people undergoing sad situations.  They give way to tears when they witness something heartbreaking.   A woman is loveable: so tenderly attending her familys needs ahead of her own, despite the little male cooperation.  She is nurturing, as she guides and corrects her children and best friends.  A woman is capable of motherhood and has the right to refuse sex, even to her husband, should she decide she wants none.  A woman is so many wonderful things, but if I go on like this, this article will be a sad cliché.  Let me tell you for the rest of this article instead, what a woman is not.   A woman is not a property, or a trophy as a stag mounted on a wall.  A woman is not an irrational being incapable of reaching agreements, despite what frenzy our menstrual cycle might inspire.  A woman is not a slave having to serve her indentured years after marriage.  A woman is not a silent kitten, withholding wrath and taking abuse.  A woman is not a hypocrite; she often reveals layers of herself, gradually enhancing her personality until she exposes her core.  A woman my dear lady, is not me, it is you, it is your daughters, mothers, friends, grandmothers, aunts and every other female around you.  I am not alone in my world, I am with my ladies.