Ménage a Qua?

By Dal Medina Published 09/14/2007 | Blogs

Ménage a Qua?

     One of my crazier friends, yes, this is a guy, asked me in an e-mail whether I think that he should ask his girlfriend to participate in a ménage a trios, or most commonly known as threesome.  I know his girl, and she would quicker agree to bat him to death, so to avoid trouble, I said, no, you should not ever mention or even joke about such things with her.  He seemed very disappointed, as most men are after not getting their way, and ignored me and went ahead and seriously asked her about it.  He later came to my house and I bandaged his head wound and we began talking about Hedonism, which I believe to be the sole reason we all get in trouble. 

     Anyway, he put out some plausible arguments on why women should participate in threesomes, he claimed, among other fallacious arguments, that a threesome would establish an ultimate-trust-based foundation, because not anyone would agree to it. He further claimed that after such fantasies were fulfilled, there would be no reason to seek any other gratification outside the relationship and would thus prolong the relationship.  I joked that his theory might well work if only she (The girlfriend) could get past he original shock of his suggestion, and his second attempt- yes it was the second time he asked a girlfriend- was a bigger flop than Gigli.  If you have no idea what Gigli is, that is proof of how big a failure it was. 

      The womans side of it, (unless you are of those women who actually agrees to a ménage a trios, and if you are, hey, its your choice and I have no comment) is nothing like a mans.  For one, why the hell would we agree to have sex along with another woman for the sole gratification of men?  Not even if it were two men, because even if we switch partners every week, why should we endure the abuse to two men at the same time? Aside from gross disrespect, there is nothing else that a man shows for women by that hedonistic desire.  If one woman is not enough for one man, two in the sack will not change or satisfy his lascivious greed.     

     Say, hypothetically, you agree to do it, and throw away all cares.  You do all the degrading things and agree to all he says, after you are done, then what?  Can he honestly tell you that he loves you after subjecting you to that?  Can you picture him fondling some other woman in front of you and kissing her and have her do the same to you? Could you watch her climb on him and suck him and desecrate all the intimacies that you two have shared?  If you honestly love a man, you could never live with yourself after something like that.  As a matter of fact, even if you are the third person, it would still be too much to fathom and take in, no pun intended.    

     My friend remained unwavering in his desire and I will congratulate the woman who stays with him longer than five weeks.  She will be a very accommodating person indeed. 

I have no obtuse remarks about women or men who agree to do it, love/lust can explore out fetish idiocies and propel us to gratification of one's immediate personal desires without regard for others.  I might change my mind, if ever I remain in a prolonged inebriated state or lose control of my senses or what is left of my moral values.  Meanwhile, I suppose, be good and may the force be with you! Sorry, all this weekend, Star wars trilogy was on my favorite channels.