The Truth About Copywriting

By Charles Hopkins Published 09/20/2007 | Copywriting
To do real copywriting you must think of copywriting as a job. And if you can write copy well enough, it is possible to have copywriting as your real, very well paying job. It is one of the very few extremely portable professions that really pays well.

There is a great deal of benefits if you work at copywriting as a job. The salary for a copywriter is much higher than the average wage in the US, at around #60,000. And copywriting is especially lucrative if you include bonuses and per piece mailed payments. This figure is a couple of years old now, but there has been nothing happening in the copywriting world except an explosion of demand for good copywriting.

Working as a copywriter does have a great deal more flexibility than many other jobs. Much copywriting work is done at the offices or home offices of freelance copywriters and if you work this way you can set your own hours. You don't have to worry about punching a clock or working at a particular time of day as long as you get your jobs done on schedule.

The great advantage of working this way is that you can do a lot of other things while you are brainstorming ideas for your copy. You could decide not to work on Tuesdays, for example, because that is when your child goes to soccer practice and you could go watch. Or if something else comes up in the course of the day that you need to handle, you can do it because your schedule is so flexible. This is a huge advantage over many workaday jobs where you have no control over your hours whatsoever.

If you do copywriting in an agency environment, this could offer huge benefits as well -- different than free lance work but for some people, just as enticing. You could get to work with other creative people who could bounce ideas off each other. You could work with a team of folks in other disciplines, such as graphic design. Ad agencies differ in size, from the two-person office to the huge corporate environment. In small offices you could have that close-knit family feeling. And in larger agencies you could enjoy the camaraderie that comes form working on a difficult project together as a team.

Copywriting is a job that never grows stale with new ideas, new creative adventures, new products and services to write good copy for. This is the cutting edge of the marketing world. Coupled with the flexibility of the freelance world or the team player aspect that comes from working with a great group of people in an office, copywriting as a profession has an incredible variety of benefits to offer.

If you want an exciting adventure filled occupation in the creative world, you like to write and you don't mind making more money in a year than most people even dream about - copywriting could be the job for you.