Sports Enhancement Through Hypnosis: Get Your Head in the Game!

By Charles Hopkins Published 09/20/2007 | Health
Get your head in the game! is a now trendy slogan made popular by Disneys highly successful High School Musical movie. When it comes to playing sports, for fun or professionally, pure talent no longer is a guarantee of sports stardom and success. Focus is the key, and those that have the skills for the game and the focus to keep their head in it, will come out stars.

One such believer may be heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. As a young, up and coming fighter, Mr. Tyson used sports hypnosis to become the heavyweight champion of the world. He certainly had the skills to be a fighter, but many believe it was his drive and focus that made him a champion. If you studied any of his early bouts, you would see the determination and concentration he had. Many sports stars use hypnosis, especially when they need to get out of a slump. But waiting until you are in a slump may not be the best choice. More than a few medallists in both Olympic games have successfully used sports hypnosis to keep their focus and attention on the prize; they do not get second chances! Sports hypnosis has become so popular, that hypnotists have been hired by entire Olympic teams to make sure they bring home the gold.

Hypnosis works for enhancing your game, no matter what the sport. Is it a miracle worker? Will it take a person who cant throw a baseball more than 20 miles per hour and 15 feet into a baseball star? No, absolutely not. Obviously, you need the skills before hypnosis can work its wonders. However, it can take a mediocre player and make him or her good or possibly great with practice.

How does hypnosis work and what happens during a session? The answer for that question really depends on the hypnotist or psychologist that works with you. There are many techniques and theories and can vary dramatically. Some techniques are as simple as visualization. Imagine you are a basketball player and you need to practice free throws. When you practice, you make the shots sometimes, but also miss many times. So you are practicing to miss, not practicing to make it. Of course one needs to practice but visualizing you making the shot every time builds confidence and esteem. It also sets the mind in motion to know what it needs to do. It has been proven that this type of visualization technique increases shot percentage. Try it yourself if you can. Stand on the foul line and take some shots counting your baskets and misses. Then close your eyes and go through the motions of making the shot (but do not actually shoot, dont even hold the ball). Feel the motion of your arms, go through the shot and visualize, actually see the ball go in the basket. Do this numerous times until you feel you have the motion down. Then open your eyes, take the ball, relax, and take a deep breath and shoot. Take the same number of shots as before relaxing prior each shot. Remember to keep track of your hits and misses. You should see a vast improvement. This can work with most any sport, for example, gymnasts should visualize their complete routine, over and over in their minds, never missing, always landing each move perfectly.

Again, there are many techniques and the example above was a simple one using pure visualization and did not include hypnosis. This alone as part of a sports psychology session can be helpful and learning to do these techniques on your own is invaluable. But to get the full potential, hypnosis can intensify the effects of the visualization. Do not be afraid of hypnosis. Be assured that you will not act like a chicken (unless of course you dont mind, your sport is dancing, and your routine is the chicken dance) and you will not do anything you are not willing to do. Yes, one should always check the references of whomever you choose to work with and make sure you feel comfortable with the person.

So, whatever your sport, goal, or hobby; use hypnosis to increase your potential and get your head in the game.