Quit Smoking The Natural Way

By Charles Hopkins Published 09/20/2007 | Health
Nowadays you can find many products that help people stop smoking. While these products may look convincing to the inexperienced eye, the truth is some work, but most don't. Many people don't realize that sometimes the best way to quit smoking is by using natural ways.

Here's a list of proven natural ways to give up smoking for good:

1. Support Groups

A support group can be the most natural way people can find to help them quit anything really, not just smoking. Anyone from family to close friends can be part of this support group, people who have the same problem you have or people who had the problem in the past and are now "cured." Usually when you go out with friends to have a drink, you feel the need to smoke. So go out, plan activities with your group, relax and help each other not smoke.

2. Hypnotherapy

A big problem that stop smoking products can't fix is the mental addiction. They focus on giving you replacements to smoking but don't handle the psychological part. This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

The patient sits comfortably in a sofa while the therapist, who may even play some music to further relax the patient, tries to cure his mental dependency.

3. Cold Turkey

This method is probably the best-known natural way of giving up smoking. In theory the process is very simple, the idea being to quit smoking without any help from any type of products whatsoever. It can be a difficult process that requires strong will power to reach the goal. The smoker must totally quit smoking and is challenged to do so without even any psychological help.

It is recommended you drink a lot of fluids like water or juice in order to avoid the temptation to put a cigarette in your mouth. Another useful thing you could do that will surely help a lot is to constantly stay busy, with your work or spending quality time with your family so that you get smoking off your mind.

So there you go, these are three effective natural ways to quit smoking, and while there may very well be other ways out there, it is strongly recommend that you start with these three as you are not at a risk of any secondary effects compared to using many of the products currently on the market.