Putting the Laws of Attraction to Work for You

By Charles Hopkins Published 09/20/2007 | Spirituality
How many times have you sat back and thought how wonderful it would be if you could just wish things true?

Humans have always been attracted to this kind of fantasy, embodied in the fairy tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. This desire, this need to have what seems unattainable is evident in the popularity of gambling and the state lotteries. People will spend their last dollars for the chance to change their entire lives in the course of fiver minutes. But the irony is vast. Without knowing it, humans have had the power to obtain their dreams within them all along. So have you. It's called the Law of Attraction. It has been around since the universe began, and it is working in your life right now.

The simplest way of defining the Law of Attraction is this:
You get what you think about, your thoughts determine your destiny. Thoughts have an energy all their own, and they attract things which have a common energy. It is one of the Laws of the Divine Universe and it applies to everyone. It is as unbreakable as any law of science or mathematics. It does not even require your belief to work. Only to control it, to seize your destiny, must you believe in the Law's power.

So the question is: how can you use the Law of Attraction to get what you desire? There are some guidelines to help you get started on the right path. Firstly, you must decide what it is that you desire. This is called developing clarity. If you find it difficult to determine what it is that you want, try thinking of it in the contrast. When you find what it is in life that you don't want, it will be much easier to pinpoint what it is that you do want.

Your second step on this path is to use a technique called vibrational matching. This is nothing more or less than using quiet meditation to determine your feelings on your perceived desire. Use feeling and meditation to determine if your thoughts are predominately positive about this desire.

Finally, you must allow your desire to come to you. Your would be surprised at how often we prevent ourselves from getting what we want by focusing on the negative. Begin allowing things to come to you, and stop waging wars against the things you do not want. If you're fighting something, that means you're thinking about it. Therefore, without even realizing it, you could be attracting the very things you're fighting against.

Before jumping headfirst into applying the Law in your life, make sure you read and research a little beyond this basic introduction. Studying others' experiences can help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls newcomers are susceptible to. Beyond all, good luck, and remember: The Law is working in all places at all times. It's up to your to use it for yourself, rather than allow it to use you.