Anguilla Travel Information and Places of Interest for Visit

By Ron Curt Published 10/8/2007 | Travel
Anguilla Travel Information and Places of Interest for Visit

Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. It is one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. It consists of the main island of Anguilla itself, approximately 26 km (16 miles) long and 5 km (3 miles) wide at, together with a number of much smaller islands and cays; which are:

    Dog Island
    Prickly Pear Cays
    Scrub Island
    Seal Island
    Sombrero, also known as Hat Island

A Brief History

Amerindian, tribes who migrated from South America, were the first to settle in Anguilla in history. in 1650 Anguilla was collonized by English settlers from Saint Kitts. The island was ruled by England and later the United Kingdom until the early nineteenth century. After two rebellions in 1967 and 1969 and brief period as a self-declared independent republic headed by Ronald Webster, British rule was fully restored in 1969. It became a separate British dependency (now termed a British overseas territory) in 1980.

Tranquility and Activities

Anguilla is probably the most tranquil island in the Caribbean. There are more than 33 magnificent white sand beaches with some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels. If it is a quiet beach time you are looking for, Anguilla is the right place to go. The Island is discovered by many visitors and celebrities as a haven of tranquility.

The tranquil and secluded beaches of Anguilla are the perfect escape from life's worries, where you can enjoy the white powder-soft sand. Most of the beaches are perfect for bathing due to the shallow water and reassuringly soft sand underfoot. Most of the beaches offer the opportunity for some excellent snorkeling. However, the beaches on the north east coast and the northern tip of the island are rougher and are better for wading than swimming.  

Water sports are popular. Anguilla has parasailing, windsurfing and jet-skiing. Even if you're not a diver and you are  looking for a once in a lifetime experience, then you have to try the Dolphin Swim Adventure, where you actually get into the water with live dolphins who are trained to kiss and give a handshake.  Land sports are popular too. There are hiking trails, tennis courts, and a 9-hole golf course.

The clarity of the water enables you to study the pattern and texture of coral reefs that lie 30 feet or more below the surface. Anguilla is surrounded by coral reefs and has a number of small islets and cays. There is a huge array of coral formations, walls, ridges, canyons, tunnels, and trenches populated by common reef dwellers as well as the less common nurse sharks, rays, lobsters and turtles.

Anguilla is not overcrowded like many other Caribbean islands. You have far more room to spread out and you won't feel like the next person is right on top of you. This has given shopping in Anguilla a particular charm. No crowded pavements or hot, bustling high streets or over-zealous vendors. There are a number of shopping outlets in Anguilla including chic beachwear shops, as well as, fashion boutiques located in The Valley and within some of the resorts.

A List of Hotels and Resorts in Anguilla:

    Cap Juluca                         Maundays Bay
    Malliouhana Hotel & Spa   Meads Bay
    CuisinArt Resort & Spa     Rendezvous Bay
    Paradise Cove Resort        The Cove
    Villa Manana                     Seafeathers Bay
    Frangipani Beach Club      Meads Bay
    Covecastles                      Anguilla

A List of Private Villas on the Island of Anguilla:

    Zebra Villa                (2 bed rooms)
    Anguilla JEMS          (3 bed rooms)
    Beach Escape           (5 bed rooms)
    Little Indigo              (3 bed rooms)
    La Residence            (3 bed rooms)
    Whale View Villa      (3 bed rooms)
    Greengard                (4 bed rooms)
    Patrick's Bay            (4 bed rooms)
    Shellavista Villa        (4 bed rooms)
    Spyglass Villa          (4 bed rooms)
    Beach Escape          (5 bed rooms)
    Tortue Villa             (4-8 bed rooms)

Some of Anguilla's restaurants, where you can enjoy different cuisines.

    Blanchard's Restaurant
    E's Oven Bar and Restaurant
    Flavours Restaurant
    Oliver's Seaside Grill
    Ripples Restaurant
    Straw Hat Restaurant
    Mango's Restaurant
    Gorgeous Scilly Cay