Best ideas for Class Reunions

By Ron Victor Published 10/10/2007 | Travel
For some people class reunion act as a ritual of passage, while for others it may seems like a painful reminder of time marching on. No matter what your personal take on a class reunion, you could generally count on getting an invitation every five years or so. Preparing yourself for a group retreat involves a number of emotional, logistical and financial considerations you would not find on the official initiation from your high school class reunion committee.   

It is not strange to have mixed feelings about attending a class or camp reunion. While the option of getting in touch with previous friends could be even exciting, there is too the opportunity of regeneration former rivalries. One means to prepare for a class reunion expressively is to maintain your expectations realistic. Five and ten year reunions could be particularly variable, since many of the people that are taking part are fresh college graduates or young adults stressed to set up themselves. During any class reunion, attendees might also feel compelled to go back to your old ways to their apparent high school roles as a kind of defense mechanism.

One deliberation when setting up for a class reunion is logistics. The formal invitation must comprise times and dates of the event itself, but moving and accommodation are your responsibility. You might have to request numerous days of vacation or delicate time from your employer. Your partner might as well have to make particular arrangements in order to escort you to the class reunion. Travel could mean stuffing the family car or setting aside tickets for the adjacent airport to the venue. Some attendees may contact former friends that yet live in the area for overnight housing.

Economically, the price of a class reunion could be prohibitive. Besides the touring expenses, the price of the tickets is frequently substantial. There might as well be other events planned all through the reunion weekend, each with their own costs. Be prepared to budget additional money for activity, food and beverages. The most important thing to bear in mind is to live in the moment when possible. A class reunion could be a very optimistic and memorable milestone in any adult's life.

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