Ebay Buying 101 - How To Get That Lower Bid

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/23/2007 | Entrepreneur
Ebay hands down is one of the greatest e-commerce sites around. Let's look at just this one killer stat. There are way over 147 million registered users. What does that mean to a consumer looking to purchase products on ebay? Deals galore! This article will cover some tips you can use to help you obtain that low bid.

Browse eBay like a pro. Did you know there's like like 26,000 categories on eBay? It's a great thing they have a search feature listed on their site that you can go to to find that particular item.

After you found what your looking for, you can then further view your items by looking at auctions ending first, highest priced auctions and everyones favorite - lowest priced.

Next comes the fun part. It's time to price compare, so break out your notepad. Heres a quick tip "Don't get stuck or tunnel visioned with just one seller." Chances are there are many sellers selling the same exact product, even at a cheaper price. Shop around to see who has the best deal.

Read the product description. Remember you are getting what plainly stated in the description box. Is there a picture that you can view? Is the picture clear? What condition is the item in? Those are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. A careful read in that section will help keep you from getting ripped off from a seller.

How's the seller feedback? Reviewing a sellers feedback will let you know if the seller your dealing with is legit. How do you know? Easy, just read what other people are saying. Remember that negative comments will be posted. Red is bad, and if you see a seller selling a item that you like and they are full of negative comments. It might be in your best interest to find another seller.

Check the shipping costs. Is it free shipping? Do they ship to your area? Just make sure you read that area.

Control Thy Finger. You might be asking what is he talking about? Theres no need to get into a bidding war right off the back. Keeping a lower bid in the beginning might keep your prices lower in the end. That's good and bad, because other bidders are probably thinking the same way.

If you keep those things in mind you will have no problem finding great deals on eBay.